WATCH: Extremists Protest Beit Shemesh Employment Expo Attended By 100s of Chareidi Women


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Hundreds of chareidi women arrived on Sunday arrived at a Beit Shemesh shopping and employment fair, only to be met by extremists who protested at the site. When the group heard of the event taking place in the Kinor David Hall, they immediately headed to the site to protest. They carried signs against the Zionists and the State, screaming “Gevald” as they chanted.

The hundreds of women in attendance heard advice from professionals, experts in their fields, all offering their experience towards enabling the women to earn a Parnasa honorably. The experts included the directors of leading colleges who spoke to them.

Adding fuel to the demonstration on Sunday night is the recent change of government in Beit Shemesh, where newly-elected Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch was among the speakers addressing the women. Bloch upset the Charedi incumbent, Moshe Abutbul.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These disgusting excuses for productive human beings would rather these women sit at home an take welfare or government stipends than gain the skills and knowledge to earn a parnassah and help support their families or simply achieve success in the profession of their choice. These employment fairs organized by the City and local mosdos focus on vocational opportunities that are appropriate for a baas Yisroel. Its unclear how these same guys apparently find the time to quickly show up at any event they might disagree with to and yell gevalt or otherwise display their total disregard for social norms. We can laugh at their antics but its actually very sad that such ignorance and misogyny still persists in EY in the 21st century.

  2. Gevald, gevald. How come they’re always on the streets, the streetwalkers? Gevald..
    Why aren’t they working or learning?
    Why the constant streetwalking and harassing people also in Jerusalem ?
    Gevald, what do they want, these streetwalkers? Gevald.

  3. If the men would take their role as breadwinners seriously, and it is primarily the job of the Jewish man to get up early, work hard and provide for the family not the woman, then there would not be a need for the women to be doing it. The problem is the culture of officially being in full time learning but counting the hours and minutes of actual learning often equates to only a few hours of in depth study -at best. These guys have no right to be walking the streets at all times of the day or night, spending hours just aimlessly chatting in the shteeble, or looking out for the next protest to do be doing something ‘worthwhile’. Its the guys that should be taught a respectable Parnassah instead of being shipped overseas from the age of 18 to become professional shnorrers and leaving their women at home to be Mechanech and nuture the family – the way a Jewish home is intended to be be built.

  4. Gadolhadorah writes: ”These disgusting excuses for productive human beings………….opportunities that are appropriate for a baas Yisroel”
    I don’t think such obsessive psychotic hate for shomer shabbos Yeiden is appropriate for a baas Yisroel…….
    They are exercising their democratic right to protest. So you don’t agree with them. So what?
    Gadolhadorah is very generous to mechalalley shabbos and ochley treifos, but openly despises frum Yeiden she disagrees with…….

  5. None of commentators above have any idea how many hours of Torah these yeiden learn every day, and to what depth and effort. They are allowed to hold a protest, just like you are….
    Every time someone in a black hat is shown in a video protesting, we have the same stupid commentators claiming that’s all they do, all day, every day…….
    A word of caution from Rabeynu Yona Sharey teshuvah (a rishon from 600 years ago) ch 143 “Anyone who mocks/criticizes Torah learners, claiming they are not contributing to society has NO CHELEK IN OLOM HABOH.”

  6. Reb Dons ,

    Why do you argue with FACTS?? The ones who truly sit and learn are NOT the ones you constantly see in videos protesting. And yes; it is shameful that these people always have something to “protest”- always- nothing is ever good for them. You don’t want you wife or daughter to work, that is your choice. Don’t tell others how to lead their lives. Maybe less of them would have to be collecting in the US all the time.

  7. Oh goodness, rioting for the right to remain poor and keep your wives ignorant. Israel please keeps these folks on your side of the pond, KY is reaching critical mass.

  8. UncleMo: ……..yawn,,,,,,
    See Igros Moshe Yoreh deah 3′ 82.
    Igros Moshe Yoreh deah 2’116
    Biur Halochoh 156 D’H sofah
    Biur Halochoh 231 D’H Bechol
    ‘Don’t tell others how to lead their lives’? My hashkofos are from the Chofetz Chaim and Rav Moshe ztzl……..

  9. Reb Dons but isn’t it an chiyuv d’oreisa to support your wife (parshas mishpatim) and written in the kesubah?
    To garlic I think they hate both.

  10. Reb Dons If your wife wants to work and you let her, or you have a rich shver or father that wants to support you and you really sit and learn, that fine and great. A person however is not allowed to put themselves in a situation that they must rely on others. A person is not allowed to give more than a fifth of their money to tzedaka lest they become dependent on others. Of coarse we have very great mitzvah to give tzedakah to aniyim. Many people are in a situation that is beyond their control like sickness or whatever the case might be but one can’t lechatchilah plan their life in such a manner.

  11. A56: You write: ”A person however is not allowed to put themselves in a situation that they must rely on others.”
    If you look at the sources from Reb Moshe ztzl that I brought above- ( Igros Moshe Yoreh deah 3′ 82.
    Igros Moshe Yoreh deah 2’116) you will EXPLICITLY see that what you wrote is -according to Rav Moshe ztztl -the eytzer of the satan himself! There is absolutely NO middas chasidus WHATSOEVER to refrain from going to Kollel because you don’t want to be supported by others- that is the Satan talking.
    Also see last ten lines of Kesef Mishnah Talmud Torah 3’10…

  12. Reb Dons,
    You can bring 15 other sources…..Nobody cares, nor is impressed… .
    What these people are doing is outrageous, no observer believes that the Torah they’re “learning” has even an iota effect upon their haskafos & middos.
    Go to a mikvah, fast, say Tehillim , then please go to each tzaddik of your sources, ask him a shailas cholom of how they would pasken in this situation.
    Then come back & tell us.
    You’re not scaring anybody with mareh mekomos.
    Show us a LIVE posek, LIVE rav who would kasher this.
    Then come back and talk.

  13. Ziongate- you say “Show us a LIVE posek….”- Why should I bother?- You won’t listen to him either! If you won’t listen to the Chofetz Chaim or Rav Moshe ztztl, or Rabeynu Yona -(or Moshe Rabeynu- in who’s name they speak), who will you listen to?
    I’m not trying to impress you, I’m trying to save your olam Haboh, – because according Rabeynu Yonah, if you say ‘Torah learners are not contributing to society with their Torah’ – you’ve lost your olam haboh……

  14. Ziongate ”no observer believes that the Torah they’re “learning” has even an iota effect” Seriously?….. Sounds like you’re on the beis din shel maaloh as you know the value of everyone’s mitzvos………

  15. Reb Dons, ZionGate wasn’t talking about all kollel learners – his remarks were specifically about the people seen here protesting.

  16. Exactly….. and Ziongate hasn’t a clue as to how much Torah they learn (and learnt on the day they protested) and what it’s worth.
    Anyway, reading Ziongate’s response-“You can bring 15 other sources…..Nobody cares” it seems that he can’t read loshon kodesh by himself and will need someone to translate for him the sources I mentioned above……