Peleg Yerushalmi Protests At Jerusalem’s Chords Bridge On Tuesday Night [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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The Peleg Yerushalmi held a protest at Jerusalem’s Chords Bridge on Tuesday night, disrupting traffic in the area.

Arrests were made after police ordered protestors to get up and clear the street and when they did not comply, they were taken into custody.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photos: חדשות העולם via “מחאות החרדים הקיצונים)


  1. Yeah, more insanity that profanes the Name of our G-d….. these protestors don’t have time to work so they live off welfare because they are so busy studying Torah, they don’t have time to serve their country to protect their people, Oh but they certainly have more than enough time to block traffic and cause all kinds of chaos as they make themselves look like idiots. These are not Jews…nor are they from the Tribe of Levi to be considered priestly. There is no Temple “yet”…. these are JINOs and they all need to be thrown out of Israel. Read Numbers 1:44-46 .

  2. why do we have these chilul haShem bochrim? can’t they use their learning to protect us?

    I hope they find some reason to shut down the peleg crap yeshivas.

  3. You know what Peleg stands for? Poshute Leidig Geyers
    The average 1st grader learns more in 5 mins than these low lifes learn in a month. Yay, they wear a hat all the time,
    that makes them “frum”.