PHOTOS: Israel’s Social Workers Take To The Streets Demanding Cabinet Ministers Act To Protect Them In The Workplace


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Israel’s social workers took to the streets about fifty intersections around the country on Wednesday morning, protesting attacks directed at them. The protests were held between 8:00AM-10:00AM.

Protests were held at many locations including the following junctions: Shalom Train Station in Tel Aviv, Ra’anana Junction, Korazim Junction in Givatayim, the Shilat Junction in Modi’in, Horev Center in Haifa, Nahariya Junction, Ashkelon Junction, Kastina Junction, the Negev Mall Junction in Beersheva, the entrance to Jerusalem, and Safra Square (Jerusalem City Hall).

The social workers demand that Welfare Minister Caim Katz and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon intervene immediately to allocate funding and hire security personnel and take whatever actions are required to bring a halt to “the violent epidemic against us before another blood is shed” union officials said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: יצחק לוי via קבוצת רוטרניק)