With An Indictment Likely Against Aryeh Deri, Shas Prepares To Replace Him


With Israel Police recommending a criminal indictment against Shas chairman Minister Aryeh Deri, it is likely the State Prosecutor’s Office will move ahead with an indictment against him for alleged tax evasion and other white-collar crimes. It was recently reported that Deri did not report a NIS 8 million real estate deal,thereby failing to pay about NIS 2 million in taxes.

Facing the reality of a likelihood of an indictment, party officials must prepare for such an eventuality and select someone to move in to take Deri’s place until such time Deri is acquitted or convicted.

According to a Walla News report, efforts are underway to bring Ariel Atias back to the party, and if these efforts are successful, he will serve as a cabinet minister.

Atias was a minister for Shas in the past; as he was one of the three leaders during the tenure of Deri and Eli Yishai as joint leaders. The report states that with the recent petira of Minister of Religious Affairs David Azoulai, Deri has been serving as acting minister in his place. Deri is also Minister of the Interior and Minister of Galil & Negev Development. The Walla report states that if Deri is compelled to step down, and he is not a Member of Knesset, having resigned under the Norwegian Law, Atias would return and serve as a Minister-Without-Portfolio.

Deri resigned from Knesset in October 2016 to permit Michael Malchieli to take his seat. He remained a cabinet minister however.

It is emphasized this entire process is being arranged with Deri’s approval and cooperation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How disgusting that this is the person that people listened to about who to vote for mayor. And the person whom Rabbonim have confidence in.
    Ah, but how could people and the rabbonim have known? Well, because he’s already been proven to be corrupt before and served many years in jail!! Yes, we embrace the possibility of teshuva, but to put him back in the same position of power he used to be in???
    And this is why people have no faith in the corrupted mayor’s office of Beit Shemesh that went on all these years….

  2. To the 1st 2 comments:
    I am no fan of Mr. Deri, however, you did not hear his side of the story. You are not being fair.
    Do you sincerely believe that if he goes to jail, this will make you into a happy person and all your
    problems will disappear.

  3. I will tell you a little secret. When you have 25 investigators working 24/7 for 2 years, they will definitely find something that is not 100% straight. It could be a silly error.