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NON-VACCINATED Child From Emanuel With Measles in Serious Condition; May Have Permanent Brain Damage R”L

A 10-year-old boy, a resident of the Shomron Chareidi community of Emanuel, has been admitted to Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikvah, listed in very serious condition as a result of contracting measles. Doctors report the measles led to a very serious brain infection.

The child was never vaccinated and has been placed in isolation in the hospital. It appears he caught the illness from friends in his class, and they are now being checked by doctors to determine if they too have the illness.

Chief of Infectious Diseases at Schneider, Prof. Itzik Levi, told Ynet that the child has a most serious infection involving his brain, and the prognosis is that he will not make a total recovery due to the extent of the current infection, and is likely to be left with neurological impairment R”L.

Dr. Levi is quoted saying, “We see the destructive consequences of not being vaccinated, and I call upon everyone to have their children vaccinated.”

YWN previously reported on a 3-week-old baby in Bnei Brak hospitalized with the measles, caught from his mother who was unvaccinated.

Earlier this month, an 18-month-old girl was R”L killed by the measles in Meah Shearim.

[WEDNESDAY MEASLES UPDATE: More Cases In Lakewood; NYC Hatzolah Requires Members Be Vaccinated]

On Tuesday morning, YWN published an extensive Psak Halacha written by one of the leading Poskim in the world, Hagaon HaRav Moshe Shternbuch to the Rosh Yeshiva of BMG, HaRav Malkiel Kotler. In the letter translated for YWN, Rav Shternbuch explains why it is a Halachic obligation to vaccinate.

Additionally, the issue of vaccinations was brought up at the Agudah Convention at a panel with HaRav Elya Brudny and Harav Yosef Elefant. The video below is from that session.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

21 Responses

  1. R’L Let’s pray for a miracle for a R’S! If he does not get a R”S, his parent will have to live with THEIR decision.

    Anti-Vaxxeers, what about you?

  2. what sayeth the great RY of X and the great RY of Y? do let their grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit such diseased children unvaccinated?

  3. None of this will have any affect on them. They already reached their final conclusions, and then proceeded to close off their brains.

    They’ll tell you that this doctor is being paid by the Pharmaceutical companies to say this. His Co-conspirators purposefully infected this innocent child who would have been perfectly healthy otherwise.

  4. What is the child’s name for davening? We should all daven for a refuah shaleimah.

    Please do not judge or blame the parents. All but one of my children contracted Whooping Cough, and they were all completely vaccinated. These old-time diseases are mutating and vaccinations may not be as effective as before. I agree the child should have been vaccinated, but the parents should not be punished by unkind judgements by the public. Please practice kindness!

  5. Please don’t be mean – stay clear of demeaning rhetoric! All of my children and grandchildren are vaccinated, but don’t destroy your neshama when expressing your opinion against anti-vaxxers. Mistaken as we think they are, they believe that the evidence of how many children are harmed/killed by vaccines is hidden vs. the publicity that is given to those who are harmed/killed by contracting the disease. That is probably true to some degree, but we still feel that the positive far, far outweighs the negative in favor of vaccinations. Anti-vaxxers obviously are convinced that the opposite is true – that if all evidence were out on the table, the conclusion would be in their favor. It’s quite possible that people in the medical profession who agree with them do not dare to voice their opinion for fear of being ostracized by the medical community. I once told a nurse that my mother is afraid to take the flu vaccine because she believes that the vaccine itself will make her sick. (BTW, my mother, may she be healthy and strong until 120, is elderly and definitely in the high-risk category fo whom the vaccine is highly recommended.) And guess what the nurse told me?! She said that she agrees with her – better not to take the shot! We believe that the anti-vaxxers are sadly mistaken and we don’t want to allow them to jeapardize the health of our children. But please remember that they care about their children and they aren’t idiots. Yes – we’re sure that they’re mistaken. But that’s no excuse for name-calling, sarcasm, and plain old hatred. Please don’t diminish yourself to prove a point. When you need to put your foot down with your kids, do you mock, name-call and spew hatred? I hope not!

  6. Elazar Valk

    Please publicize to your local shul, school and community that you are anti-vaxx so we – the general public – can protect ourselves. This way you can be proudly unvaccinated and we can make sure our children are not around yours in any communal or educational setting. It’s really the least you could do if you are going to literally put children in danger.

  7. non vaxxers wont listen if 100 babies die, if someone would die for being a jew would you stop being jewish? to them being an anti vaxxer is a religion it has nothing to do with rational

  8. Anti-vaxxers: YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS! This is YOUR fault! You are finished! You have no more arguments that are worth seeing the light of day! Vaccinate now or move to a commune in North Dakota where you can’t harm innocent people! You are not wanted in our communities!!! This is an absolute completely preventable tragedy! Caused by the anti-Vaxxer movement. Leave now!!!

  9. Thank you Elazar Valk!!
    who did the people blame when there were epidemics of all sorts..
    Maybe Gd is talking to us??!!

  10. Vaccinator:
    Yes this is tragic and I can understand why u are fuming mad. BUT, please realize that these are the only stories being published. They didnt publish the story of that 2 yr old who got brain damaged from his MMR (seizures started that day and brain damaged ever since), or the story of that woman who was just niftar after her flu shot, or the 12 yr old girl in my neighborhood who died after her 7th grade shots….. And on and on. But do keep in mind that the shots are scary too and cause the exact same reactions we fear from measles itself. While my children are vaccinated, its important to understand why some don’t. The risks and stories are real even tho they aren’t publicized and are labeled by their drs as “coincidence”.

  11. “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”
    This is the statement of the Editor of the Most Respected Medical Journal in the Country! This proves that there is
    an epidemic of fraudulent medical studies!
    It is very easy to create a study that gets the results the person who is paying for the study wants. Of course all the studies paid for by the CDC say Vaccines don’t cause Autism. But there are 150 studies not paid for by CDC that do show a link between Vaccines and Autism!
    In the history of the world, there was Never a study that reached a conclusion that harmed the company paying for the study! Scientists are not Holy Men. They can be just as corrupt as the government or corporation that hires them! I have posted the Fraud committed by the CDC Danish Study and no ProVaxxer has
    been able to refute that CDC committed Fraud to deny the link between Autism and Vaccines!

  12. People reading these comments should know that the Moderator is Censoring comments that show the dangers of vaccines. If YWN does not want to print comments that show the dangers of vaccines, then YWN should not have a comment section for these articles. To have a comment section but HIDE the fact that you are refusing to print evidence of vaccine dangers is Sheker! This is Deceiving the public into thinking that there is no evidence that vaccines are dangerous which is a serious Aveirah and Sheker!

  13. Some common sense-
    U say that parents need to live with their decision of not vaccinating. Again, please keep in mind that its not a clear cut decision to make. Giving a child an MMR come with the exact same risks as measles complications. I personally know at least 5 kids with neurological disorders that the parents say happened after their shots. Parents who dont vaccinate are making an educated decision and weighing all these facts. They are far from being irresponsible. Measles complications generally occur in people with weakened immune systems or genetic factors which are the exact same criteria for being susceptible to vaccine reactions. Most likely this mother felt that the vaccine would be risky for her child (perhaps that child suffered a prior vaccine reaction as an infant..). To take this one step further, a baby can have a vaccine reaction thats permanent which now makes that child immunocompromised and at risk for measles complications or to any further vaccines. Almost everyone i know who doesnt vaccinate has a story of vaccine reactions to tell. Please stop judging these parents!

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