TEHILLIM: Chareidi Boy in Serious Condition After Drowning in Yerushalayim


A young Chareidi boy (13) is fighting for his life after he drowned on Tuesday night at the Nevot Yisroel pool on Shmuel Hanavi Street in Jerusalem. Emergency medical service personnel from Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah performed CPR on the boy. Thankfully, a pulse was brougth back to the boy. He was then transported to Hadassah Har HaTzofim hospital where he was sedated and put on a ventilator.

Police have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the drowning.

Director of the Jerusalem Region for United Hatzalah Miki Cohen was one of the first responders at the incident. Cohen said: “The boy was pulled from the water in an unconscious state, he was not breathing and had no pulse. We succeeded at regaining the boy’s pulse after which he was transported to the hospital in serious condition.”

PLEASE SAY TEHILLIM for Yosef Shlomo ben Sara Nechama – יוסף שלמה בן שרה נחמה (name Yosef was added tonight)

Thus far in 2018, 36 children have drowned to death in Israel, according to statistics published by B’Terem organization which works to promote and increase child-safety. In 2017, the total number of children who drowned to death was 17.

CEO of B’Terem Orli Silvinger said: “the year 2018 isn’t even over yet and it is already clear that this is the worst year for children who drowned in the past decade. Any child who is not a strong swimmer needs to be watched very carefully around any body of water. Additionally, private pools need to be fenced off in order to prevent childrn accessing them without supervision.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Drowned = died. There’s no such expression as “drowned to death” because drowning is fatal. This child didn’t drown, he almost drowned, lo aleinu. May he have a refuah shelaima b’mheira.

  2. First of all, refuah shaleimah to Yosef Shlomo ben Sara Nechama and to all cholai yisroel!

    Yeshiva World News has done a great job of bringing news to frum people like myself – I do not check my news anywhere else. That said, Yeshiva World News should learn from its mistakes and not misuse English words like “drown.” Not only does it make the site seem less professional, but it frightens people unnecessarily.

    YWN: please correct the headline for your own sake as well as for us. If you want to keep the word drown in there, you can say he “nearly drowned.”

  3. YWN, I see you posted my comment but did not correct your headline. Just google the word drown and you will see it means “die through submersion in and inhalation of water.” Please upgrade you English and update your headlines.

    I just looked and saw you’ve misused this word repeatedly. Is there a reason you don’t want to use proper English? Proper word usage is necessary if you want to convey ideas to someone else and be understood. We can’t just use words randomly and expect to be understood.

    More examples of your misuse of this word:

    (If they drowned, Tehillim won’t hep because they are dead.)

    (Apparently this victim drowned and then died “again” a few days later?)

  4. And if you are going to point out my typos above and claim this is somehow just as bad:
    1) Typos are accidents – you are stubbornly clinging to misused words even when it is pointed out repeatedly.
    2) I am not writing comments as a professional journalist, whereas you are supposedly a professional news source.
    3) Even with my typos you could still understand me, whereas you printed an article saying that someone died… and then asked us to daven for their recovery?

  5. BTW, I have swam at this pool, and it was a tragedy waiting to happen. The room’s acoustic’s are so good, they make everything into one huge echo that if a child were to scream, nobody would notice,

    Furthermore, the lifeguards just space out.

    I hope they close it down!

  6. Yeshivishrockstar, maybe in your own secret language, but not in English

    die through submersion in and inhalation of water. (SEE? *DIE* THROUGH SUBMERSION IN AND INHALATION OF WATER)
    “she drowned in the pond”
    synonyms: suffocate in water, inhale water; go to a watery grave
    “he nearly drowned”
    deliberately kill (a person or animal) by submerging in water.
    “he killed his wife then drowned himself in a fit of despair”

  7. Yeshivishrockstar: why are you okay with YWN repeatedly scaring people that someone DIED when they didn’t? Here are a few more definitions of the word DROWN. Notice the word DIE is in ALL of them. There is no such thing as drowning and being alive until techias hameisim!

    Cambridge English Dictionary: to die by being under water and unable to breathe, or to kill someone by causing this to happen

    Oxford English Dictionary: die through submersion in and inhalation of water

    Merriam-Webster: die by being underwater too long and unable to breathe

    Dictionary.com: to die under water or other liquid of suffocation

    Collins DIctionary: When someone drowns or is drowned, they die because they have gone or been pushed under water and cannot breathe

    Longman Dictionary: to die from being under water for too long, or to kill someone in this way