MK Yitzchak Vaknin To Become Minister Of Religious Services

MK Yitzchak Vaknin

MK (Shas) Yitzchak Vaknin met on Monday with party chairman Minister Aryeh Deri, informing him he wishes to end his service as a party MK, wishing to leave politics.

Deri thanked him for his service, asking him if he would be agreeable to having his name presented to the party’s Moetzas Gedolei Torah as the candidate to become the next Minister of Religious Services until Knesset elections. Vaknin agreed and Deri then polled the council’s rabbonim and Vaknin was approved and will serve in the cabinet post after being approved by the cabinet.

Deri thanked and praised Vaknin for his 22 years of service on behalf of the party, always doing his utmost regardless of what he was asked to do.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)