OUTRAGEOUS: IDF Soldier Berated Becasue Palestinian Student Was ‘OFFENDED’ He Arrived to Class in Uniform


It is yet another example of left-wing liberalism reigning supreme in Israeli higher education.

In the latest embarrassment, Dr. Carola Gilfrich of Hebrew University’s Humanities Faculty on Tuesday berated a student who arrived in IDF uniform because another student, an Arab, told Dr. Gilfrich she was offended by the uniform. Rather than put the Arab student in her place, the good Dr. Gilfrich felt it more appropriate to come down on the soldier/student. There could be no denials for the incident was caught on video by a student using a smartphone.

Dr. Gilfrich shouted at the soldier, explaining she cannot possible expect that others treat her like a civilian when she arrives in uniform, and then, she must expect to be treated “accordingly”. The student, to her credit, explained in response that she was not getting into the politics, and her service in the IDF is simply party of her effort to protect Israel. She asked Dr. Gilfrich if she was bothered, explaining that she too must exhibit tolerance of the uniform as this is what is done in a civil society.

The student who was bothered continued to interrupt the class, and she was not lambasted for her interruptions, but the lecturer preferred to come down on the soldier.

The university of course issued the benign sanitizing statement of how it respects everyone and condemned disrespectful behavior by one and all, adding the lecturer apologized too. However, nothing will happen to Dr. Gilfrich it appears, and she will live to shout at another soldier another day.

The National Student Union issued a statement, questioning how a student can be shamed because of a uniform, questioning the unacceptable behavior of the lecturer.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The day will come when you may no longer hang up Israeli flags on Yom Haatzmaut as it will OFFEND the Arabs!

    Let all those lefties move to Uganda!

  2. Well,at least the soldier was not beat up and chased out of the classroom as it constantly happens in Meah Shearim when a soldiers dares to show up in that neighborhood and the filthy TRAITOROUS rabies infected mad dogs gang up on him and beat him up and chase him out

  3. Aha. But when a government plant walks davka in a exclusively Charedie neighborhood dressed in an IDF uniform, the locals are not allowed to get offended. Double standard from the corrupt secular government.

  4. I wonder how Dr Gilfrich would respond if a Chareidi student were to criticize loudly a fellow student wearing revealing clothing (untzniusdik)? Would she tell the other student that she shouldnt expect to be treated with proper respect because of her (lack of) dress ??
    The article fails to mentions that the soldier was actually mandated to wear her uniform as she was technically on duty, her classes being part of her service.
    The soldier should appeal to the students union at the very least.

  5. > chugibugi

    The difference between a private citizen and a government (or even non-government) employee on duty? The lecturer is de facto (if not de jure) paid by the government (if nothing else indirectly through the university) as an employee. Even aside from that, she is anyway an employee of the university on duty, and her misbehaviour could lead to her being fired. What if a checkout-clerk at the supermarket (while on duty) berated customers at the store (both the store and the university are open to the public to serve the public)? But neither the government nor the university can “fire” a private citizen in Mea Shearim, and none of those who berate soldiers are employees of the government.

  6. chugibugi
    No true Jew could ever describes fellow jews with the same vulgar language that Nazi beasts commonly used to jewish people? I can only suggest your true identity requires serious scrutiny!

    YWN!? for you to allow a platform for such comments on a jews is outrages.

  7. to all the rabble rousers ranting about meah shearim, the basic difference between meah shearim and university, is that in meah shearim they are not preaching tolerance, they are preaching strict observance, so if u come and disturb that, rightly or wrongly u may suffer consequences, u can disagree, but its not “tzviut”. israeli universities preach liberalism, tolerance for the other, and all kinds of other post modern narishkeit, so they are totally “tzavua” when they come out and bash anyone who doesnt conform to their narishkeit, because where did all the respect and tolerance go

  8. chugibugi- spoken like a rabid Anti-Semite!

    Back to the subject at hand -these stupid leftist lunatics are unashamedly able to spew their stupidity all over the world. As the article states; this is a craziness all around the world, not only Israel.