Shin Bet Arrests 5 Jewish Teens Suspected of Killing Palestinian Woman


Israel’s Shin Bet security service says five Jewish minors have been arrested for their suspected involvement in the killing of a Palestinian woman.

The details became public on Sunday, after the Shin Bet (ISA – Israel Security Agency) lifted a gag order on the details.

The youths were Yeshiva students suspected of hurling the rocks that killed 48-year-old Aisha Rabi in October. The mother of eight was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband, heading home along with their two daughters. She was struck in the head as the vehcile passed the Tapuach Junction area of Shomron.

Her death came shortly after a Palestinian terrorist killed two Israelis in the nearby Barkan Industrial Zone, raising the possibility of a revenge attack.

Supporters of Detainees Protest Outside PM’s Residence Motzei Shabbos

Approximately 1000 protesters were outside the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem on motzei Shabbos to demand that the PM become personally involved to have three the suspects released. Heads of regional and local councils throughout Yehuda and Shomron, and rabbonim, were counted among participants in the protest at Paris Square in the capital.

The protest was called after it was learned last week that three youths, about 15-years-old, were arrested and remain in ISA custody, and they are prohibited from meeting with a lawyer. They were reportedly grabbed by ISA agents from their classroom in yeshiva in front of classmates. The ban on meeting with their lawyers was also lifted on motzei Shabbos. Two additional youths were arrested on motzei Shabbos. All that was reported to date was they are connected to a security incident. It has since been learned, after the lifting of the gag order, that the suspects are talmidim in the Pri Haaretz High School in Rechalim, a yishuv near Tapuach Junction.

Chilul Shabbos to Assist Suspects Prepare for Shin Bet Interrogation

According to the ISA report, after the attack, a number of activists from Yishuv Yitzhar were mechalel Shabbos on a Shabbos morning, driving to the high school where they dorm, in order to ‘coach the talmidim’ as how to respond Shin Bet interrogation.

Youths Being Tortured & Deprived of Basic Rights, Attorneys Allege

The youths are being held under harsh/illegal conditions and being tortured, their lawyers explained after meeting with them on motzei Shabbos.

Prominent attorney Itamar Ben-Givir last week alerted the nation to the case, telling various news agencies that he is not at liberty to release details, but he has learned of the arrests of the youths, who have no criminal record, and the fact that the ISA is blatantly violating the law pertaining to the arrest, detention and questioning of minors and the regulations that govern such procedure. He told the media that his pleas to date have fallen on deaf ears, with the ISA insisting their arrests are tied to a “security case” but no additional information is available.

HaRav Druckman Calls on PM to Intervene

Prominent dati leumi community posek HaRav Chaim Druckman released a video on motzei Shabbos in which he appeals to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to immediately become personally involved to assist the youths. The video was also aired at the protest, which became stormy at some point, with participants and police clashing. Police report the protesters blocked the street and ignored orders to clear the area when told to do so. police report one arrest was made.

In the video, Rabbi Druckman asks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to release the youths. “I appeal to the prime minister from the depths of my heart to order the immediate release of the three young boys, the three youths detained by the ISA.”

“If there is a problem, it is appropriate to investigate them as they do in the State of Israel, but under no circumstances in the cellars of the ISA,” he said.

The rabbi criticized the Shin Bet’s conduct and expressed concern over the running of the state. “They are not terrorists and I am concerned about the proper and just administration of the State of Israel. ‘צדק צדק תרדוף’ – justice must be pursued with justice, not injustice.

Rabbi Druckman concluded with a request from Mr. Netanyahu: “I really ask you to order that this injustice be stopped immediately.”

Mom Insists Her Son is Innocent

The mother of a detainee held at the ISA facility spoke at the demonstration and said: “Since our son was arrested, we have been flooded with love, and expressions of great shock. It is not only our struggle but that of all the people. A normative youth was abducted from his class in front of his friends and rebbe. There is a sense of severe insecurity here. We know that other boys were held in harsh conditions. Mr. Prime Minister, I am addressing you as a mother. It happens on your shift. Stop the injustice.”

Detainees Finally Meet with Lawyers on Motzei Shabbos

The detainees were permitted to meet with their lawyers on motzei Shabbos, apparently the result of mounting public pressure.

Attorneys Adi Kedar and Nati Rom, both from the Honenu civil rights organization, along with attorney Itamar Ben-Givir, were permitted to meet with the three on motzei Shabbos for a first time since their arrest about a week ago.

“As we explained in the beginning, our clients are not connected in any way to the killing and the ISA does not have any evidence linking them to the case”, their attorneys explained following the visit.

“The unusual order prohibiting the minors from meeting with us stems from unacceptable considerations, all towards obtaining false confessions from them, a process that was not successful. The youths denied any and all connection to the case. Sadly, they were also interrogated on Shabbos”.

“Our clients have had difficult days, and the conduct on the part of the ISA interrogators is extremely improper. The interrogation that will leave them traumatized for the rest of their lives by no fault of their own,” the attorneys added in a joint statement.

They concluded that two other youths have been arrested in addition, and this is something that should have the nation outraged.

The ISA responded with the following statement:

The detainees being investigated by the ISA are receiving the full rights to which they are entitled by law. Claims to the effect that they are being denied their rights in violation of the law are without any foundation and are designed to divert discussion from the severe accusations for which the suspects are being held and questioned.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. False — שקר

    Just like the Israeli Police set up and interrogated my son in violation of Israeli law — we have it on the police video. My son is a minor and asked for a lawyer and the police would not give him one.

    The police will do anything!

    You are telling me that all of these people were michalel Shabbat? CRAZY!!

  2. Kind of intresting that when Palestinians and their supporters complain about Shin Bet tactics their complaints are dismissed out of hand because the Shin Bet is always acting legally and morally. All criticism is dismissed as “left wing” “anti Israel” etc.
    However as soon as they arrest a Jew the Shinbet’s actions are described as immoral and they are accused of acting illegaly.

  3. Kind of interesting that when “Palestinians” get arrested they are allowed legal counsel and family visitations whereas right-wing radicals are not. Kind of interesting that crazyk supports Palestinians over Jews. Nuff said

  4. @CrazyKanoiy:
    It seems like the first part of your name suits you very well.

    Looks like you are a sick drudged up Niturei Karta wacko.
    Feel free to move to Iran, and befriend the terrorists!!!!

  5. crazykanoiy has a point. if these kids did something wrong, like killing someone, they should be punished for what they did. as of yet we don’t know if they did it or not, but obviously shin bet has a reason to arrest these kids. I’m not saying they should be treated the way they are, they shouldn’t, but they should be arrested if there is a reason to.
    this is not anti-Israel it’s pro equal justice. jews aren’t always innocent.

  6. This story is at the top of the Israeli news for the past few days, but managed to get “pushed down” on this website. The “protests” you describe look much more violent on the various videos — none of which appear here on YWN, except for the impassioned plea from Rav Druckman to show some mercy and restraint toward the arrested kids.
    I think it’s time to admit that public demonstrations — “protests” — are sometimes necessary. While violence is never condoned, a large gathering of people in the streets is doing to cause traffic problems and delay people from getting from here to there. It’s just a question of how important the matter being protested is. In this particular instance, the mistreatment of arrested minors seems to be a cause worthy of public protests. Different groups have different agendas. Just as one group’s demands can be accepted with understanding, so too can and should other groups’ grievances be accepted with understanding. And not reviled and condemned. It ought to be clear by now to everyone that sometimes, demonstrations are the only way.

  7. Found interesting that Arutz7 volunteered or slip a piece office info on the killing of the woman saying it happened on Friday night. So if the stones were thrown from a distance as different news articles portrayed then how was thedriver or anyone able to identify who did this?

  8. Yeaston – after we understand what they did to the minors in the “Duma” case, there is a serious concern of pikuach nefesh – I can understand the Chillul Shabbos.

  9. > adar29

    No one identified the assailants. The suspects were chosen based, as far as I can tell, on the equivalent of racial profiling, which is to say, chosen simply because they belong to a group who are vocal about their displeasure with Arabs.

  10. Why is it illegal and a terrible crime for jews to throw rocks at arab, but ok for arabs to throw as many rocks as they want on jews with little or no consequence?