Retiring IDF Ombudsman: If Israel Goes To War, The Yom Kippur Will Look Like a ‘Walk In The Park’ in Comparison


Outgoing IDF Ombudsman Major-General (reserves) Yitzchak Brick on Thursday wasted no time sounding the warning horn, clearly concerned for the future of the State of Israel as he warns that despite statements to the contrary, the IDF is not at all prepared to go to war.

Speaking with KAN 11 News, Brick warns that if war becomes a reality chas v’sholom, the outcome of the Yom Kippur War would look like “a walk in the park” in comparison to today’s outcome. Brick stresses the lack of preparedness is worrisome while commanders continue to throw sand in the eyes of the public as they release statements saying just the opposite.

He warns that while there have been changes in the region, the IDF has not adopted to these changes and is not ready for war other than scenarios involving Lebanon and Gaza. He feels the situation is nothing less than “irresponsibility on the national level”, seeking to persuade the public of the severity of the situation.

As IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkott prepares to step down and retire as well, Brick stated Eizenkott’s tenure as IDF chief was a failure, as he did not manage the military, failed to monitor the situation, and failed to prepare for the new threats facing Israel today.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We can only rely on the heavenly protection and this only on the merits of hundreds of thousands bochrim, avraichim and children learning torah undisturbed! It’s time the zionists learn this.

  2. “and is not ready for war other than scenarios involving Lebanon and Gaza. ”

    So what are these “new” threats? Iran maybe – the very Iran that the leftists establishment refused to let Netanyahu make the necessary preparations in case of a confrontation? So is the general’s remark anti-Netanyahu or pro-Netanyahu? Taken at face value, anti-Netanyahu (as Netanyahu is responsible for State security) and that is how the leftist will take it. But looking a little deeper, as explained, nothing will be accomplished unless Netanyahu is given a mandate by the voters to squash the leftist ideologues that endanger the country.

  3. The Israeli secret weapon: the Arabs. The war in Syria does not suggest they are up to engaging in a full scale war either. The most likely future scenario is small localized quasi-guerilla warfare that is annoying but not a serious threat to Israel’s existence