Complaint Filed With Police Against MK Lapid For Possible Bribery


Israeli media reported that a complaint of possible bribery has been filed against head of the Yesh Atid party MK Yair Lapid. The complaint was filed with the Israeli police in the central Dan region precinct on Sunday.

The complaint came after numerous reports about Lapid secretly meeting with Nuni Mozes, who runs Yediot Achronot, and similar reports stating that the meetings themselves were erased and kept hidden from Lapid’s public calendar and files.

Holding meetings with Mozes is one of the main claims being leveled at Prime Minister Netanyahu by the police in the case against him known as Case 2000.

The person who filed the complaint against Lapid told the media: “I was shocked to learn that a public representative who claims to keep himself beyond doubt of corruption holds secret meetings with a high-ranking member of the press. Lapid did not deny that he attended these meetings or that they took place, but I am curious why no one is looking into the matter. I demand that there be complete transparency to the public. If the police are going to investigate the Prime Minister with regard to his meetings with Mozes, then they also must investigate the meetings that Lapid had with him and determine whether there were any wrong-doings that took place.”

Lapid has yet to respond to the allegations.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)