Cross Border Infiltration Suspected in North, Stopped in South


On Tuesday evening, IDF forces identified a tear in the border fence that separates Israel and Lebanon. IDF trackers identified markings on the ground that testify to an infiltration from Israel into Lebanon. From initial reports the suspect seemed strange to the military.

Lebanese forces reported that they saw a figure in what appeared to be an IDF uniform near the border carrying a box with document. When residents approached him, he threw down the box and other papers, which had Hebrew writing on them, and ran away, the report said.

According to the Lebanese reports, the person ran away after Lebanese soldiers shouted at him. Since then, both the Lebanese army and Hezbollah fighters have been searching for the person.

A different crossing incident took place by the Gaza border. IDF forces saw three suspected terrorists approach the border fence in the north of the Gaza Strip and place a flag on the fence.

The IDF reported that two of the suspects penetrated into Israel, threw an unidentified bone into Israel, and immediately backtracked across the fence back into Gaza. IDF forces fired warning shots and no injuries were reported on either side.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)