Yair Netanyahu Takes On Gideon Saar, Who He Labels A “Leftist”

Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu, a son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has spoken out harshly against former senior party official, former Minister Gideon Saar, who is vying for a realistic slot on the Likud lineup ahead of the Knesset elections. Yair Netanyahu called Saar a “leftist” and stated his wife Geula Even is a major left-wing extremist.

The statements released by Yair were in response to a Channel 20 interview during which Saar said, “We will work hard so that Netanyahu will be prime minister”.

In response, Yair Netanyahu wrote: “Regret – Left-wing and his wife is an extreme leftist, and he worked very well with Olmert and Bogie (Moshe) Ya’alon.

“The second he will be in a position of power, he will say ‘thing you see from here you cannot see from there’. If the woman is left-wing, her husband is left-wing too. It is not for nothing the left-wing media is building him up and hiding things from his past.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)