SHOCK VIDEO: Former FM Lieberman’s Campaign Video Compares Chareidim To HAMAS



In his latest election campaign video, former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who is chairman of the Yisrael Beitenu party, released a new video on his Facebook page that compares chareidi Jewry to Hamas. There is simply no way to whitewash the unprecedented level of hate displayed by the former senior cabinet minister for frum Yiddishkeit R”L.

The video explains that “giving in is giving in” and there is no difference if the concessions are made to Hamas in Gaza, or to the chareidim in Eretz Yisrael. He explains to his followers that transferring money to Hamas on the one hand, is as wrong as halting the new draft law which he endorsed, making concessions to the chareidim on the other.

One must ponder how a former senior cabinet minister in the Government of Israel can mention Israeli citizens and Hamas in the same breath, and how such a campaign does not elicit shouts of outrage from moral Israelis regardless of their religious beliefs.

Lieberman used Israel’s arch enemy, which is committed to the nation’s destruction, to send his message regarding chareidim, who are law-abiding citizens of the state, regardless of serving in the army or not. One may also wonder what the outcry would have been had Lieberman made the same comparison between Hamas and Israeli Arabs, who also do not serve in the IDF.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Avigdor Lieberman did us a huge service by exposing his true colors, conforming with this week’s Parsha of “MiDevar Sheker Tirchok.” This shall IY’H translate into many voters who had planned to vote for him, now voting other candidates.

  2. If one understands Zionism, then as despicable, of course, is his comparison, this makes perfect sense coming from a Zionist.

    Serving or not serving in the (extremely anti-Torah) Zionist indoctrination forces (army) is almost irrelevant here. The #1 priority of a Zionist is Zionism, even more so than Jewish lives, as multiple Zionists explicitly stated during WW II and as they, of course, continue to believe today.

    But any Torah Jew, Chareidi included, must deny that Zionism is above all else because a) Only Pikuach Nefesh is usually above all else and b) not to mention that Zionism is simply idolatry.

    Therefore, albeit for different reasons, both Chareidim and, lihavdil elef havdalos, Hamas, deny the religion of Zionism, which is, evidently, very offensive to this Zionist.

  3. What a nutter…..I wonder if he was preparing that video when he went to visit Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita 6 weeks ago……

    His wife is frum by the way…..

    What a confused idiot.

  4. Shock?? Is there a hiddush there?
    Where have you been the last century? Zionism and Yiddishkeit are inherently incompatible, always were, always will be.

  5. I will explain why you don’t hear words of outrage from people in Israel. I live in Israel and I am an Orthodox Jew.
    I agree that this add is reprehensible. BUT also think that the behavior of the Haredim who we see spitting on little girls, attacking women, solders and anyone else who doesn’t think like them, including each other in the bet medrish of Ponovich in the month of Elul, is just as reprehensible, perhaps more so because the Haredim should know better. The virulent anti Zionism which has given birth to an entire generation of unemployable and poorly behaved violent welfare cases is unprecedented in Jewish history. Perhaps a little self reflection is in order ? What causes Jews like me to feel this way ? Certainly not anti-Semitisim as I am as proud a Jew as they come. Certainly not hatred of the Torah as I love HaKodosh Baruchu and His Torah !
    Time to reflect and hopefully there is still some leadership in the Haredi world that can help it change course.

  6. What about the considerable number of secular lefty young people who are evading army service? Close to 50% of draftable youth end up not serving, according to recently retired COS Eizencot. Why is the state and the IDF “giving in” to them? Are they also “like Hamas?”

  7. Jeff, the virulent shmad by a “Jewish” (really Zionist) State is unprecedented in history. We could go on and on about that, but, bottom line: Zionism, and its state-sponsored attempted conversion of the Jewish people as a whole, and the inhabitants of E”Y in particular, to yet another nation among the goyim, is the real problem, not anti-Zionism.