60 Families In Jerusalem’s Gilo Neighborhood Without Water Since Motzei Shabbos


Five buildings on Nofek Street in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo have been without water for over three days, since motzei Shabbos, MyNet reported on Wednesday morning. The families have been buying quantities of bottled water and some showering at the home of relatives and friends.

The families on the lower floors report there is a slight “drip” while the families on higher floors report there is simply no water since motzei Shabbos.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Hagihon Water Company placed a portable water tanks on the street as well as bottles of water, providing some relief to the families.

Families report the water company was slow to react, first insisting it was a private matter, despite the fact there are many families with small children as well as elderly residents. On Tuesday, finally, the water tanks began arriving on the street to assist the residents.

MyNet quotes water company officials explaining, “The problem was complicated by the conditions of the area, which required a number of stages throughout the entire treatment process, which began with a problem of water supply to the building and developed until the replacement of a water line which included opening the street and more, as well as by the weather.

“This is the place to note that the Gihon workers continued their efforts last night under stormy weather, and yesterday the deputy CEO of Gihon confirmed that the work would give consumers the solution they wanted.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)