WATCH THIS: Dozens of Frum IDF Soldiers Dance at Jerusalem Central Bus Terminal


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Dozens of Frum IDF Soldiers were seen singing and dancing at the Central Bus Terminal in Jerusalem on Friday morning.


  1. This is by far one of the most inspiring dances I have seen in my lifetime. Young Frum soldiers not knowing from one day to the next what their fate will be while risking their lives for safety of Klal Yisroel. Yet, they have the emunah and menu has hanefesh to dance to the Reb bono shel olam. Who stands in their shoes?

  2. “Talmidchochom”?
    “risking their lives for safety of Klal Yisroel…”

    Not necessarily. In fact, they’re risking their lives for whatever the Zionists tell them to risk their lives.

    And as well-meaning as these young men may be, and as nice as it is that they still have emunah in Hashem, they have been and are subjected to the shmad that the Zionists put them through as well as the other two cardinal sins they have to avoid in an army whose main purpose always has been and is to change Jews into Nationalists/idolaters.

    Clearly, this is not a good thing. I’m sure some of you would have also found the dancing by the eigel to be beautiful, too. Unfortunately, Hashem disagreed…

  3. HaKatan,

    Are you from the group that lies, cheats and steals to obtain section 8 and food stamps? Put on all your furry clothes on Shabbos but you just may be mezera amalek…