Driver of Sunday’s Fatal Bus Accident on Route 443 May be Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter


Police on Tuesday questioned the bus driver from the tragic accident on Route 443 on Sunday, February 10, 2019, which claimed the lives of two women and left dozens injured. The driver was operating a bus on the Kavim Company’s 304 line, making its way from Modi’in Illit to Jerusalem.

Police traffic investigation experts questioned the driver, who may face criminal charges including vehicular manslaughter. The driver’s license was suspended for 90 days, and he was released with restrictions following questioning.

Two women, residents of Modi’in Illit, were killed when the bus tipped over near their community, resulting in the injuring of over 50 people, B’chasdei Hashem, most with non-serious injuries.

The driver of the Ford van that was parked on the side, which the bus slammed into, was questioned by traffic investigators on Monday towards determining if he is legally responsible for indirectly causing the accident, and he too may face charges due to the events that resulted. His license was also suspended for 90 days by police.

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According to the preliminary findings in the investigation, the van driver stopped after seeing an accident on the other side of the road. He wished to assist. The bus driver was behind him and was unable to stop in time or avoid the van, slamming into him and then flipping over.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m not sure I comprehend… Why should the bus driver be charged? A bus is quite difficult to stop suddenly… The other car stopped mid-stream, in the fast lane… what should the bus driver have done?!?

  2. I am not to judge the bus driver but anyone driving especially with larger vehicles should be extra careful when turning suddenly. There are many avoidable accidents..If the other driver was right in middle of the road one can understand a little but still he should not have been too close so that he would have had time to go around him in time. (I wouldnt put him in jail though unless it was clearly avoidible and his fault.)in snow people should be aware to drive slow and even slower around turns, tailgating in snow is also not the wisest.. people that must look at the phone (for waze,no text) while driving should do it not by turns or when a car is close in front of you. (He should also have expereance.) looking not in front of you even for a little even if you are aware of surroundings things can suddenly come up. (I.e. a deer)
    People should use their sachel when driving. (When going from left lane to middle lane check if car is coming from right lane..) May hashem watch over everyone.

  3. I was on a Kavim bus this year. The ben-yishmael driver frightened the daylights out of a woman driver at an intersection in Kiryat Sanz, bringing his bus right up to her car before stopping suddenly. He broke out in a big smile, enjoying what he had done. I was horrified. A bit closer and this could have been another terrorist attack. I found the customer service number of the Kavim bus company, and told them the whole story, providing the code on the ticket and time time and place of the incident. The operator dutifully took down all my information … and I never heard from them since. I wonder how many other times this happens when we entrust our lives to a ben-yishmael. HaShem yishmor!