Demolition Orders For Shuls Established Illegally In Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel


Beit Shemesh City Hall has issued demolition orders for a number of shuls established illegally in the Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel neighborhood. The residents of the community have called on askonim to intercede, with the Askonim promising to find a workable solution. In the meantime, the pashkavilim and announcements calling for a large protest against Mayor Aliza Bloch are seen in the area.

An atzeres of residents of the community was held on Tuesday night in one of the shuls slated for removal, attended by Degel Hatorah Councilman Shlomo Brilant, who promised to search for a solution to prevent the destruction.

In the meantime, the pashkavilim signed by community rabbonim are seen, calling for a major protest.

The demolition orders were issued for at least four shuls in the neighborhood, all situated in caravans. The residents insist that while the caravans were placed without permits, “there is not a single shul from the city” in the community, one resident told Kikar Shabbos News.

City Hall officials explain the city is bound by the law, which must be enforced, and it cannot permit a situation in which residents act as they wish.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Many of those caravan shuls were placed randomly and in many cases in dangerous locations – some on top of unstable rocks & to get in one has to literally climb over the rocks or go up/down a slippery dirt path that when it rains is full of botz. The city hall is trying to make some order & help establish proper shuls with a normal building and in safe locations. ANYONE who applies correctly for a permit & all is in order, gets it.

  2. ” ANYONE who applies correctly for a permit & all is in order, gets it.” GG are in the employ of the city? Any other falsehoods you want to tell us? I know people who struggled for years to get permits. Chabad in Aleph had enough money for an entire building and couldn’t get a permit. They had to join with a Sephardic shul who because of connections could get one.