Rav Chaim Kanievsky to Travel to Meron For First Time in 30 Years


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Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky is expected to go to Daven at the Kever of RASHBI on the Fourth of Adar Bais, in just two weeks time.

According to BeChadrei Charedim, Rav Kanievsky agreed to make the trip on behalf of “Yisachar B’Oholecha” who will be taking serious donors to the kever.

This is expected to be Rav Kanievsky’s first trip to Meron in almost 30 years. Now that he has agreed, plans are already in motion to prepare the site for his visit, which is expected to bring a large crowd of followers as well. The area will be closed to anyone not participating and the whole event will be under a strict security blanket. Flying Rav Kanievsky in via helicopter is also being looked into.

The chain of Kollels being run by Yisachar B’Oholecha is under threat of closure due to financial difficulties that the organization is facing. The event in Meron is being organized strictly for donors in an effort to raise money to save the organization and the Kollelim they support. It is for this reason that Rav Kanievsky agreed to participate.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. someone came to the shver harav elyashiv lag bomer time and rav elyshiv said why are you in eretz yisroel in middle of the zman he said for meron. rav elyahiv couldnt believe it this was many years ago before there were 500,00 ppl there, he said meron in mitten zman! end of story rav elyahiv said that he was never in meron.

  2. It’s atrocious to make the Gadol Hador schlep anywhere, especially in light of lbj’s powerful revelation that he is k’maat mored in his Shver.
    Still, the vey fact that misnaagdim so despise Meron (and L’ag B’omer) makes the place (and day) all the more holy.

  3. “misnagdim despise meron”

    what a crazy statement they revere meron (rav schach went to be mispallel for the brisker rov’s refuah there with a minyan of the most choshuve talmidei chachomim, because he thought the rav wanted him to) just serious masmidim dont go anywhere often, even to meron.

  4. מה הקב”ה לכל, אף רשב” י לכל אפי’ לפחותים
    Don’t under estimate the power of רשב”י
    Those who are זוכה to go אשרי חלקכם, but i highly doubt Reb Chaim made the choice to go, rather it was a choice made FOR him. Which I think is disrespectful and shameful
    We learnt already from Rav Shteinman how the lutvishe control their Rabbonim as apposed to Rabbonim leading their Talmidim /Chassidim.

  5. remember what a real gadol rsza ztl said to students who wanted to travel to kivrei tzaddikim. they can go to har Hertzl and pray by the graves of soldiers of the IDF who died defending the Jewish people.