WATCH THIS SHOW: “Mekubal” and Group of Cronies Dealing With a “Dibbuk” [FULL VIDEO OF EVENT]


It seems that every few years another “Mekubal” in Eretz Yisroel is called to deal with a “Dibbuk”.

Watch the attached video, in which a Mekubal wearing multiple pairs of Tzitzis and a Moroccan Rabbinic-type hat, is joined by a group of individuals, as they chase a “Dibbuk” of out a body.

The Mekubal’s name is Rabbi Menashe Amon, and he appears to have been involved with several previous “Dibbuk” incidents.

In the beginning of the video, a young man who appears to be in a troubled mental state is seen sitting in a chair, surrounded by the group who are reciting Pesukim from Tehillim [Yoshev B’seiser]. The Mekubal places his finger in a circular motion on the young man’s stomach.

Suddenly, (at 35 seconds into the attached video) he begins screaming and jerking violently as if he was having a seizure. At 1 minute and 50 seconds into this event, the Mekubal begins clapping his hands wildly, and seems to wake up the sleeping young man, who again begins jerking wildly. The Mekubal helps the young man to the floor, where he appears to relax.

At 3 minutes and 20 seconds the group then begins shouting “Tzai! Tzai! (Go out! Go out!)”, as they stamp their feet on the floor. The man begins rolling over and over as they begin reciting “Ana Bekoach”.

At 4 minutes and 30 seconds the man begins rolling over on the floor.

They recite some other Tefillos, and suddenly at 7 minutes the Mekubal announces “he is fine”.

Later in the video (14 minutes), the Mekubal is seen talking to the woman who is filming the event. “Don’t call an ambulance, he will be fine in two minutes”, the Mekubal is heard saying.

The man began exhibiting seizure-like symptoms once again, at which point the Mekubal gently rubbed the man’s stomach, while another man puts water on his face.

The woman is heard saying she is hopeful that the man will be OK after suffering for “four years” from the “Ruach Ra’ah” (evil spirit). She adds that the “Tazddik” never takes even one Shekel for doing his holy work.

Here is Rabbi Menashe Amon in 2014 with another “Dibuk”.

Back in 2009, YWN published a story about a Dibuk in Brazil which caused alot of controversy. The individual was reportedly overtaken by mysterious voices in multiple languages – all without his lips not moving. The community was concerned, and the Mekubal from Yerushalayim, Rabbi Dovid Batzri was called and asked what he can do. Rabbi Batzri first made an attempt to remove the Dibuk on a webcam via Skype.

That didn’t work, so the individual was brought to Eretz Yisroel, and thousands of residents were given some free entertainment when Rav Batzri once again attempted to remove the Dibuk publicly in his Shul. Thousands of people gathered in the streets near Yeshivat Shalom, and watched and listened as Rav Batzri and a group of Mekubalim yelled “get out Dibuk!”, and repeatedly blew Shofars. Witnesses reported at the time that as the tzibur recited Shema and 13 Midos along with the mekubalim, two different distinct voices were heard from the young avreich.

In 2011, YWN reported that the man came forward and admitted that he spoke from his body. He says he learned all these languages before, and was never possessed by a Dibuk.

It is interesting to note, that at the time of the Brazil/Batzri Dibuk story, Maran Hagaon HaRav Elyashiv ZATZAL, Maran Hagaon HaRav Shteinman ZATZAL, and YBLCT Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky all refused to meet with the individual who claimed he was possessed by the Dibuk. Additionally, Hagaon HaRav Moshe Sternbach had said that the man was most probably mentally ill.

YWN also reported on another fake Dibuk story involving “Meubalim” in Elad in 2015. In that story, a well-known Rov in Elad released a scathing letter which read in part “There is much to be written on this topic among the mekubalim, some being baalei teshuvah from years ago and now delving into Toras Kabala, and they do not know their left side from their right regarding Torah and Halacha….This poor woman likely needs to be hospitalized in an appropriate facility, Hashem have mercy on her…”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Whether the story is true or false, why is someone being put to shame by revealing who the victim is? Why do we need to be entertained on someone else’s expense?

  2. As far as I can tell, the Chofetz Chaim once extracted a dibbuk from someone without even stepping foot into the room. Such was his tzidkus, and his anava, that the power of his name alone mentioned by a talmid was enough. I’m pretty sure that extracting a dibbuk doesn’t work this way. I’m also certain that if/when it happens today, the people capable of extracting them don’t tell anyone.

  3. Why are you posting this?
    People come here to see news without filth.
    Sadly, those who post news to this site are negative and hating of certain fellow Jewish groups and probably have serious mental issues.

  4. If you are visiting the nation’s capital there is a long narrow staircase (known as the “Exorcist Step”) leading from the Georgetown U campus down to M Street at the foot of Key Bridge. It is rumored that the famous Mekubal from the Bronx, Reb AOC, will remove the Dibbuk from the Donald in a special ceremony on Thursday, March 21st just before Megillah reading at the Kesher Yisroel shul a few blocks away.

  5. The BIGGEST problem here is the Rav wearing what he thinks is techeles…. According to Rav Moshe Sternbuch shlita, (hakdomoh to Tichleh deChilazon by Rav Eliezer Hool shlita) there’s a problem with 6 issurim with wearing this mistaken ‘techeles’- Ba’al tosif, Baal tigrah, daled kanfos bli tzitis, maras ayin, mechzi keyuharoh, lo siten michshol….

  6. It fascinates me how everyone commenting here is suddenly an expert on Dibukim, and don’t hesitate once to slander and defame this Rav. There is a possibility that this video was staged and everyone is acting, but there is also a possibility that this is completely genuine and that this person helped to bring about a big Yeshua. I can understand them posting such a video, as it’s a tremendous Chizuk in Emuna for many out there. For all those who want to bash this Rav, and situation, in the slightest chance that it is real, you should probably stop for a second and think before posting opinions.

  7. And for the record, YWN’s offensively negative title of this article is shameful, and not really representative of how the true Yeshiva World responds to and assesses situations at all. If they want to post sensitive content, they should do so in a respectful and modest (YESHIVISH) way, and allow people to develop their own opinions. YWN is supposedly there to deliver news and information to the Yeshiva World, not attempt to shape opinions, and do so in a shameful manner.

  8. It’s pretty ironic that YWN, which regularly posts paid content about this or that so-called “Mekubal” coming to town and available – for a price, of course – to meet with those looking for “Yeshuos”, is now posting this video with the mocking copy. What happened, YWN – did this particular “miracle worker” refuse to advertise with you, thereby making him fair game for you? If he paid to post an ad like all the other charlatans, would you then post a fawning article about “Rabbi X is coming to town – everybody line up with your checkbooks to have all your problems solved”, the way that you did for Tzion Menachem and the other “holy man” who was advertising recently?

    Get some standards, YWN – you need to make sure that your paid content is subject to the same scrutiny for suitability as the news you post.

    an Israeli Yid

  9. At least we know / have the דעת that ywn isnt what we thought it was, or at least isn’t what it used to be.

    Its good to get clarity.

  10. I don’t get why everyone has to knock everyone all the time you don’t have to understand everything that goes on in this world there are things that we just don’t need to to understand why put people down try to look at the good side a rabbi trying to help a troubled soul this negativity is not getting us any closer …im praying for all of you

  11. RLiviem; what chizuk in Emunah can one get from seeing a patent suffering from seizures getting his stomach massaged while his friends get whipped into a frenzy?

  12. Putting aside your personal beliefs about so called “dibbuks” and what may or may not be a” kosher exorcism”, anyone watching this video would immediately think of the Evangelical faith healers who broadcast infomercials in the early hours of the AM (in between vegematic and ginzu knife commercials) where some poor soul gets pushed on to the stage in a wheelchair suffering from lifelong paralysis and after some touching and screaming in gibberish (aka “speaking in tounges”) mixed in with splashing “magic water from the holy land” over his head, the guy being “healed” gets up from his wheelchair/throws down his crutches and starts dancing around the stage. Even if you do believe in this new age meshugaas, have some respect for the poor soul who is depicted in the must vulnerable way and who seems incapable of providing “informed consent” to put him on display in such a disgusting way.

  13. interesting the ywn is against dubbuks but not gilgulim which are the same thing
    many reshonom where against gilgulim so ywn should bring there opinion here as well