Effigy Of Chareidi IDF Soldier Hung From Building in Meah Shearim; Police Called “Nazis” as They Remove It [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


On Motzei Shabbos, Police officers and Firefighters from Jerusalem worked together to take down a life-sized doll that had been dressed up to look like an IDF soldier, hung by its neck in the Meah Shearim section of Jerusalem.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident, while Chareidi media outlets are claiming that the doll was hung by extremists in the community.

As Police and Firefighters removed the doll, shouts of “Nazi” were hurled at them.

This is not the first time this was done in Meah Shearim. Last Purim the incident even prompted a statement from then Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The following video was taken by the Firefighters and Police:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. those shouting Nazi at policemen should spend a year in concentration camp conditions. if they still want to call them nazis, back for another year. ad infinitum.

  2. It’s just as disgraceful for YWN to be promoting Sinaas Yisroel and Lashon Hora as it is for the effigy incident to begin with. YWN is like the group who ridiculed Mordechai Hatzaddik back then, 2300 years ago. What purpose did posting this story have other than to develop pirud among us! Shame!

  3. Regardless of whether this behavior on the part of the residents was appropriate or not, it seems to prove that there is no “free speech” for certain people who live in Israel.

  4. “extremists in the community” – Why are those horrifying people still accepted as being part of the community?

    1818 – The IDF would never accept them, let alone place them in a quality unit that would be on the front lines.
    147 – So you think them admirable and want to emulate them?
    Dr Yidd – Instead of using wild rhetoric which no decent person will follow (placing people in concentration camps, forsooth) perhaps it would be better to suggest real world solutions – such as placing them in cherem.

  5. 1818: you want the army to draft the effigy??? (in honor of Purim?) The bums haven’t been found or arrested. And if they are, do you think the IDF wants such bums in their ranks? Hanging an effigy has been going on for very many Purims, just like burning an Israeli flag every Lag Ba’Omer. Hollering about it has not stopped it; perhaps ignoring the foolishness altogether might be smarter.