Court Sentences Arab Arsonists For Attacks Against Jews In Old City’s Muslim Quarter


Jerusalem District Court Judge Avraham Rubin ruled that five Arabs, including two minors and three adults, should pay compensation in the amount of NIS 17,000 after setting fire to a residential complex in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem several times.

The arson cell was caught two years ago, and members of the cell were indicted and even served prison terms. Attorney Chaim Bleicher of Honenu, representing the owners of the building, named after Esther Briner and the young man who lived in the building at the time, also sued the members of the cell in a civil suit.

The structure targeted is a four-apartment residential complex, which, two years ago was home to two Jews, one Arab family and one unit being renovated. Between the residential area and the street is a double iron door with two Magen Davids.

Members of the cell tried to burn the front door, placing mattresses doused in flammable liquid set on fire against them, because Jews occupied two of the units. In one attempted arson attack, they lit garbage outside instead of mattresses.

In his statement, attorney Bleicher said, “These are repeated attempts to harm the Jewish residents of the Old City in order to sow fear and expel the Jews from the city. We in the organization are working with legal tools to help eradicate terrorism. We accompanied the criminal trial of the defendants who received periods of imprisonment ranging from 11 months to 20 months in prison and additional compensation at the criminal stage.

“Then we filed a monetary lawsuit, which caused the convicted to find themselves again in court and pay an additional price for their actions. We will continue to act in these ways to help deter terrorism and restore security to Jews in the capital.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)