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Tiveria Avreichim Demonstrate: We Pay Property Tax Too!

Some 100 avreichim, residents of Tiveria, arrived outside Tiveria City Hall on Wednesday morning for an angry demonstration, all armed with receipts to prove that they have paid ‘arnona’ property tax.

The move was sparked by postings on Facebook erev Pesach by Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi, who reiterated, “There are 22% chareidim [in the city] who wish to extort us to milk the city coffer, as they barely pay arnona, to litter and dirty the city, a total disgrace”.

The organizer of the protest on Wednesday is a known individual in the city, Dudu Bloka, known as ‘DJ”, and he is an aide to Tiveria City Councilman David Ochana of Degel Hatorah. He explained the brief protest was to make the point, of how the avreichim do indeed pay property tax as do others and the mayor’s diatribe is baseless.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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