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PHOTOS: Mayor Leon Visits With Leaders Of Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo Neighborhood, Promising Major Improvement


Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon held a tour of Ramot Shlomo Community Center on Thursday.

As part of his tour of areas of the city, Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Moshe Leon, together with the Jerusalem Director-General Mr. Itzik Larry, Deputy Mayor Mr. Yisrael Kellerman, the administrative heads and the senior professional level of the Jerusalem Municipality together with the Director of the Administration Mr. Ezra Berger, the Executive Director Mr. Moti Kessler and members of the Administration, met with heads of the minhelet local government in Ramat Shlomo.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon: “I was chosen to take care of the residents, and I will do it, and I am here today with much good news for the residents of the city.”

As part of the tour, the Mayor briefed the minhelet representatives on the many plans for the neighborhood in the near future.

Here are the details:
Construction of a public building in the neighborhood
1. Completion of Stage C of the Sports Wing and Gym at a cost of NIS 4 million.
2. Planning of an additional day care center for neighborhood B.
3. In the Beit Bina High School and Rivkin High School, a community sports hall is planned.
4. Tzechnov Talmid Torah – Completion of its expansion.
5. A Siach Sod School will be established.

1. Line 57 will be split into two lines at an improved frequency: a dedicated line feeds Givat Hamivtar and the urban line to Romeima through the entrance to the city.
2. Split line 37 into two lines at an increased frequency: line to N’vei Yaakov and the line to Ramot.
3. Reinforcement of the direct line to Givat Shaul via Begin Blvd.
4. General reinforcement of existing lines.
5. Promoting a road connecting Ramat Shlomo to Har Chotzvim and Golda Meir Blvd. towards facilitating travel to the city center.

1. In the past month, the neighborhood has enjoyed a change in the days of garbage removal. Instead of Sunday the garbage in the neighborhood is evacuated to Motzei Shabbos for the benefit of the residents of the neighborhood.
2. In these days the replacement of garbage receptacles has begun to add more underground ones.
In addition, due to repeated complaints, the openings of the cans will be expanded.

1. The mayor instructed the professional echelon to find a solution that would be agreed upon by all the parties for the special needs facility and submit suggestions within 30 days.

Public gardens
1. By the end of July 2019, five playgrounds will be upgraded in the neighborhood.


1. By the end of June 2019 all railings will be replaced at the main intersections.
2. The upgrade of Admor M’Lubavich Street will end in the fourth quarter of 2019.
The upgrade will include sidewalks, roads, lighting and gardening.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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