MDA Team Surprises an 81-Year-Old Woman For Her Birthday


Diana Prechtman Berger from Hadera is taken three times a week to the hospital for dialysis treatment. MDA Senior EMT at the dispatch center Ronit Glula heard from Diana’a granddaughter that this week is her 81st birthday, and Ronit couldn’t stay indifferent to that fact. She decided, together with the EMS team, EMTs Rafael Buhadana, May Yevitz and Saadi Bashar who assist Diana on a regular basis, to surprise her on Tuesday on a very emotional and non-routine ride to the hospital with balloons, decorations and a vase of flowers.

Diana Prechtman Berger: “I’m getting into the MDA ambulance as I usually do, and I see it decorated and beautiful for me. I wasn’t expecting this”, said Diana, and to the ambulance team she said: “I’m happy for the fact you came, but I never imagined you would surprise me like this”.

EMT Rafael Buhadana: “we decorated the ambulance, sang Diana happy birthday songs, and gave her flowers and a blessing we wrote for her. It was very emotional. I was in many birthing situations and many emotional calls as part of my job, and this has to be one of the most special events that I’ve witnessed. I felt like my grandmother, when I make her joyful on her birthday. Other than saving lives, there is a huge fulfillment making someone happy”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: MDA Spokesman Unit)