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YWN Eretz Yisrael Morning News Roundup – 4/29/08

yw_israel38.jpg(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel / 8:53AM IL)


*Firebomb attacks against Jewish drivers on Hizme Road, between northern Yerushalayim and the Ramallah Bypass Road on Monday night. No injuries.

*Firebomb attacks against Jewish drivers near Rantis, northwest of Ramallah. No injuries.

*Terrorists fired at a bus traveling in Hawarah near Tapuach Junction in Shomron on Monday night. No injuries.

*Lebanon: 12 Israel Air Force fighter planes entered Lebanese air space on Monday afternoon, flying over Beirut.

*Kassam rockets were fired into southern Israel shortly after 10pm and at about 1:30am. No injuries.


*White House: President Bush will visit Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia on May 13-18. He will meet with PM Olmert, President Peres, and address the Knesset while in Israel.

*A fire was brought under control on Monday night in the Beersheva home of Aryeh Bar, the general-manager of the Interior Ministry. No one was home at the time of the blaze which appears to have been caused by an electrical short.

*UN Ambassador Gillerman sends a letter to Ban Ki-moon explaining the dead children in Gaza are victims of Hamas, not Israel.

*Deputy PM Shaul Mofaz: Handing over the Golan Heights to Syria will bring Iran to the Golan.

*Former US President Carter tell NBC that Israel is to blame for denying food and water to Gaza residents. Blames Israel for ongoing warfare.

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