Naftali Bennet: Without A Bureau & Stuck With Big Debts


Naftali Bennett holds more than NIS 30 million, but he is still not one of the most cheerful people on earth, as long as he desperately wants to return to politics alongside being fired from the Ministry of Education. In addition, he is left without a bureau and assistants, and he is carrying a large debt from the previous elections.

Naftali Bennett, chairman of the New Right, decided to try again with his party for the 22nd Knesset, but is currently in a difficult situation. If in the previous elections he was still a minister and he had a staff, air-conditioned bureau, a luxury car, laptops and other pleasures, all these have ended, and he was now he is just a regular MK.

According to Yehuda Schlesinger’s report in Yisrael Hayom, his staff on Tuesday returned the equipment assigned to them from the Ministry of Education, which they had held for the last four years; including vehicles, laptops, etc., along with a budget pit of NIS 5.5 million from the previous elections as the New Right party did not receive the funding of the election expenses because it did not pass the minimum election threshold.

In addition, his political partner Ayelet Shaked has not yet had the last word, as it is still not clear whether she will run again with him in the party, or run on another platform, or possibly as part of a right-wing union.

A source in the New Right told Schlesinger: “When you are a cabinet minister, you have an office to hold meetings, a car, a salary, and workers like the head of the local authority, a consultant and a spokesman who receive a salary from the state. After Bennet and Shaked were fired from the cabinet, there is no one to pay for these things”.

The same source expresses concern and says, “There are three months of campaigning and a few weeks of assembling a government and then swearing-in and one can only wonder where Bennet will find the funding.

According to Forbes magazine’s rating of four months ago, Naftali Bennett holds the estimated capital of NIS 32 million.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Naftali Bennett holds the estimated capital of NIS 32 million.”

    I feel sorry for him he’s only worth 8.94 million dollars according to the article.

  2. No sympathy for you Naftali Bennett. Stew in your own mess. Even if you turn to the Chessed fund, we are not donating even 1 cent to alleviating your debts.