SHOCK: Chareidi School Employs Arab Janitor Who Assaults 7-Year-Old


A PA (Palestinian Authority) resident from Dir Qadis, who is employed as a school janitor in a chareidi school in the Binyamin Council district of Shomron, was arrested after the police investigation succeeded in gathering sufficient evidence regarding allegations that he abducted and assaulted a seven-year-old chareidi girl R”L.

According to police, he befriended the child and one day, tried to lure her to his home. When she refused to come voluntarily, he abducted her and two of his friends, who were in his home, held her down while she was assaulted.

According to a KAN Reshet Bet report on Monday morning, the assault occurred two months ago and while the primary suspect is in custody, and has been indicted, the two accomplices remain at large and police have closed the investigation.

Honenu attorney Chaim Bleicher is assisting the family, commenting, “This is a very cruel and shocking incident, while other people were present at the event, apparently Palestinian workers who humiliated her, held down the child and assisted the defendant.

An educational source told Chareidim10 News: “Just how right they were that they were constantly shouting against the employment of Arabs in Jewish places. Who thought of bringing an Arab into an educational institution for girls? Who let it go?”

He added that it is also a duty for parents and educators to educate children to cope with the temptation of sweets. “It must be emphasized to children over and over that it is forbidden to take candy from anyone – certainly from a stranger”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is terrible. But why is it that YWN can’t write that this poor girl was raped? Why is it just written as an assault? It seems like YWN is whitewashing this crime for some reason. Weird.

  2. lunch: I think it is a mistaken idea of tznius; that the word “rape” should not be used. It belies belief that a haredi school should even dream of employing any young man to be around young girls, let alone an Arab.

  3. Have you raving Zionists ever been to Israel. Everyone hires Arabs. So why single out that in this case – if you are right because we don’t even know the name of the city – is Charedi? You use this occasion for your Charedi bashing even as you call yourselves Yeshiva World News. Talk about shameful.

  4. Lunch: YWN is following the rules of tznius. It’s pretty obvious it was rape; there’s no need to write it out like you did.

  5. My instinctive response to this article..
    Was the same as lunch..

    By miswording it..
    It is belittling the crime and its severity..

    It wasnt assault or sexual assault
    Pure and simple It was rape
    We need to face the facts