Ramat Gan Moving Ahead With Bus Service On Shabbos


The new secular policies of Ramat Gan’s mayor, Shema HaCohen, are causing increased strife in the city between the religious, traditional and secular populations. This week, the chasm between the groups is likely to widen among participants of a city council meeting. The council is expected to approve a bill by the mayor, to begin public transportation in the city. It is pointed out that the Shas party is a member of the city’s coalition government.

The city’s council is scheduled to convene this Tuesday to address the initiative of the mayor, running public transportation on Shabbos. Deputy Mayor (Shas) Menachem David has received permission from the mayor to vote against the initiative after making certain there is a majority on the council without him.

Kikar Shabbos News adds that there was scheduled to be a rally in support of the mayor and his anti-religious policies this week, but it was canceled as the Facebook page organizing the event reports only 157 persons signed up to participate.

During a meeting over the weekend with representatives of the religious press, the mayor explained “I gave consideration to all of them. For example, in terms of public transportation, secular people want to have it on Shabbos, and the religious are not willing to compromise at all. There is a real need for public transportation on Shabbos. It’s a social need. All of our candidates before the elections supported the solution regarding shuttles.”

The mayor, who is affiliated with Likud, if the first to actually move ahead with public buses in the city on Shabbos. he adds “I am the most traditional mayor that has served in Ramat Gan”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)