Jerusalem: Soon, Passengers Will Be Able To Board Buses From Any Door


The Ministry of Transportation is amending regulations to permit passengers to board buses from all doors, not just the front door where the driver sits. It is explained that such a move, changing the regulations, requires approval in Knesset, so the matter is on the agenda, but is likely to be delayed.

The Ministry of Transportation and Egged bus company have begun installing smart card readers on buses to permit passengers to enter and swipe their card via any of a buses’ doors in the capital, including the many doors on an articulated bus.

Today, the ability to board via any bus is only available on certain bus routes, but the ministry is pleased with the results of the experiment and it has been decided, together with Egged, to expand this to all the lines in Jerusalem. the same will be done with the Metropolin buses servicing routes in the capital.

The pilot program began in 2018 after it was approved by the Knesset Economics Committee headed by MK Eitan Cabel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)