Esther Pollard Diagnosed With Serious Illness – Jonathan Pleads With Tears That Netanyahu Intercede With Trump


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In a recent interview, Jonathan Pollard revealed that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer R”L. Pollard took the opportunity in the interview to publicly call on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to ask US President Donald Trump to ease the conditions of his release from prison which include regulations prohibiting him from moving to Israel.

Because of Mrs. Pollard’s illness and Jonathan’s restrictions, he is unable to assist her and escort her to receive treatments.

“I can’t take care of my wife properly now because I have no freedom of movement”, said Pollard. “If she needs something in the middle of the night, I can’t leave home.”

“This is an important matter that should be talked about and publicized,” he said referring to his decision to speak to the press.

“This is a matter of life and death. A great humanitarian issue, a personal crisis for me and my wife,” said Pollard in tears.

Pollard revealed that his wife Esther was tragically stricken with breast cancer for the third time and that now it had spread aggressively in her body.

“Esther has been fighting for my life for 30 years. Now it’s my turn.”

Ever since Pollard’s release in 2015 after a highly publicized 30 year stint in prison, he has been required to live under heavy parole restrictions. In addition to a strict 7 AM to 7 PM curfew, Pollard’s movements are monitored by a GPS at all times. His computer activity is also tracked.

Naftali Bennet, a former cabinet minister, took to Twitter to state that “We have a deep moral obligation towards Pollard”.

“This is a humanitarian case that demands Israel do everything possible”.

Bennet explained that Israel must used its diplomatic weight to assist Pollard, explaining how he was arrested as a spy for Israel in November 1985 and he was acting on behalf of the State of Israel, emphasizing “Israel does not abandon a soldier in the field”

Please say Tehillim for Esther Yocheved bat Rayzl Bracha

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. She should have a refuah shalamah and hopefully the government will relax the terms of his release to the extent necessary for him to assist her in an emergency. However, there is still a large segment of both the Jewish and non-Jewish population who regard him as someone who violated his oath to protect the top secret information he was entrusted with and betrayed his country for financial gain. His actions cast a cloud of suspicion of dual loyalties over all Jews seeking top government security clearances to this very day.

  2. Let them move here. What harm is there now? Let them live out their days in Israel, where the treatment she would get would be top notch. President Trump, you just freed a drug dealer whose wife has cancer: please lift travel restrictions for the Pollards; Mrs. Pollard has the same disease. Let them come home.

  3. “…regard him as someone who violated his oath to protect the top secret information he was entrusted with and betrayed his country for financial gain. His actions cast a cloud of suspicion of dual loyalties over all Jews seeking top government security clearances to this very day.”

    And yet, very recently on this page. YWN bragged about a hareidi woman who has just risen to great heights within the NSA, the very organization Pollard worked for. That would seem to indicate that your “cloud of suspicion” has somewhat dissipated over time. Would you not agree?

    Mr. Pollard has never failed to assert that he broke US law. What I’d like to know from the “Gadolhadorah” is when do you calculate he has paid enough for this “sin”? Maybe only after 120??!!

    I pray, for your sake, that Hashem is more forgiving of you than you have been toward your fellow Jew.

  4. I beg the moderator’s indulgence on this very important issue, especially now when we are being judged by how we judge our fellows (i.e. sinat chinam brought about the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash).

    In reply to the assertion that Mr. Pollard acted out of a desire for “financial gain,” please see “The Big Lie Still Tainting Jonathan Pollard” by Avi Weiss and Emanuel Rackman, excerpted below in small part:

    “…It is clear that Pollard sought out the Israelis and volunteered to give, not sell, information to them. For approximately six and a half months, he worked without receiving any payment for the material he turned over to his Israeli contact. After that, Pollard was told by his handlers that if he wanted to continue helping Israel, he would have to accept money for operational expenses. Pollard protested, but the Israelis maintained that ‘changed circumstances’ had dictated a modification of the original arrangement.”

  5. In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed by Pres. R. Reagan, all information that Mr. Pollard gave to Israel was in accordance that MOU. Yet, he was convicted of “spying”.

    His boss did not want to release the intell data for some unknown reason (perhaps he was anti Semitic) , so charges were brought against Mr. Pollard– a political, biased charge with no substance. Yet,Pollard served many years in prison and is now very restricted in his movements.

    Some US justice !!!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

  6. There have been more yidden than just one Chareidi woman who have served in high security positions. Many (including members of my family and friends) have served honorably in the nation’s security and intelligent agencies. There have been multiple Jewiish cabinet officers with the highest security clearances. At the same time, career Jewish intelligence and security agency staff will tell you that there is still a cloud of suspicion they have to overcome given the notoriety of the Pollard case and several others involving Yidden. its not rational but it is still a reality. As I said, the government should relax the terms of his release to allow him to provide whatever emergency care is needed for his wife but I doubt there will be much support to provide him unrestricted travel rights.