HATERS TARGET MBD CONCERT: A Performance in Haifa by MBD Challenged by Women’s Rights Activists

Photo by Baruch Ezagui

A planned ‘Kumzitz Hisorarus” for bnei yeshiva in Haifa is the next event targeted by women’s rights activists after Afula City Hall prohibited separate seating at a planned concert by Moti Steinmetz, causing him to pull out and cancel the event.

The women have already taken the first step, sending a message to Haifa City Hall that it will turn to a court against the planned event by Mordechai Ben David, for men only. Along with MBD, Moti Steinmetz is scheduled to perform, the same singer who was targeted by the women’s rights activists regarding the above-mentioned concert in Afula.

The Haifa event differs from Afula, which was separate seating but for men and women, as the Haifa event is for men only.

The concert will take place at Haifa’s International Convention Center, which is owned by the municipality, and is being supported by the city.

The women sent a letter to Haifa Mayor Einat Kalish-Rotem via attorney Yamit Klein, explaining that the planned event is once again segregating against women and therefore, prohibited. They insist such an event compromises Basic Laws that deal with honor and respect that every citizen is entitled to.

While the mayor has not released a statement at the time of this report, Deputy Mayor (Yahadut Hatorah) is quoted by Kikar Shabbos News stating “The Haifa Municipality meets all criteria of the law permitting the existence of dedicate performances with a dedicated exclusion. The municipality will continue to provide service and response to all sectors in the city, including a cultural activity appropriate for the chareidim.

Recently, MBD made headlines when he walked off a stage after repeated warnings to a man in the audience to stop smoking fell on deaf ears.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The government needs to clarify the current human rights/non discrimination laws to address these events or the Charedi tzibur should simply build private venues where they can engage in exclusionary seating (for men-only or women-only events) without an restrictions.

  2. Why are you making this about MBD? They are not targeting MBD, they are targeting all frum jews.

    Please don’t make this about MBD (and I love MBD), and the smoking story has no relevance to this. The story here is about a real spirit of Shmad, and hatred of Hashem’s Torah and those who follow it.

  3. T2T…….mikvos should not be mixed….Most are NOT owned by governmental entities and post separate times for men/women or are designed exclusivel for one gender or the other. Public facilities such as swimming pools almost always have special times for men/women only to accommodate religious concerns. The courts have upheld separate swim times at public pools as long as there are hours when both genders are accommodated.

  4. The people who started this movement can be very proud of all the damage they have caused how many people ranting and raving about such foolish things and I wonderhow many divorces have been caused by the same horrible attitude

  5. I am very curious to know how they would react if we start attacking them for their mixed seating events I’ll bet they would tell us about tolerance and other such niceties

  6. In response to Takes2, the answer is yes, on this point you are correct. Gender equality is just a ploy and vehicle to obtain acceptance of gays in our society and turn the world back to pre-Mabul days, when a man wrote a ketuba for another man.
    These crazy feminists hold the same sick mentality as Obama’s Liberal Democrat cronies that use gender equality to push their gay bowel movement upon society. The NYS Governor’s brain is likewise comprised of the same filth. K’shmo kein hu; k’homo is his name.
    The feminists threatening court intervention in Haifa were out there waiting a long time for this type of an event to pounce upon way before anyone came up with the idea of MBD having a concert in Haifa. These feminists are the same gays as those behind Witches of the wall. It’s simple math; if men are equal to women and women are equal to men, then why shouldn’t a man who “marries” another man be accepted in society, and why shouldn’t a woman that “marries” a woman be accepted. It’s for this reason only does a woman want to publicly wear a tallis and teffilin – it’s not about women’s rights at all. If they truly wanted to be like men and nothing more than that why are they not grafting a full beard and mustache on their already disgusting faces?

  7. All nicely said…. but cut me a break this would never fly if it was muslims..They are fakers and ערב רב ‏ “women’s rights” ….yeah whatever if “they” really care go after everyone don’t just target frum hidden.

  8. ערב רב. and the ערב רב government is supporting them. Hashem should bring משיח and take away this ארץ הקודש from ימח שמם, רשעים.

  9. And both Mordche and Motty will walk from this event, so the whole thing would be cancelled.
    Something tells me that these people wouldn’t appreciate Mordche’s music anyway.
    Absolute madness!

  10. @sonei HaTorah
    I am so embarrassed for you.
    Most of the Mikvaos in Eretz Yisroel, are GOVERNMENT OWNED.
    Oops. Bad mistake on your part

  11. GHT, since when are most mikvaos not government entities? Even in the haredi sector, at least a third, and more likely half of the mikvaos are government owned, and outside the haredi sector I doubt there are any non-government mikvaos.

  12. Heckter: Your incoherent rant equating seculars, gays, women, abortion rights advocates etc. doesn’t even rise to the more entertaining and comical postings here by more talented trolls. I can assure you that the large percentage of women who you mindlessly call “gay” are quite the contrary. Do they have a secular agenda much different from yours (assuming the latter was knowable), obviously yes. The issue here is entirely whether public facilities in EY must follow certain non-discriminatory guidelines known to all. At religious sites, its entirely appropriate to insist on adherence to “minhag hamokem”. In a public park or sidewalk, equally obviously not. Please study some of the really fine postings by Joseph, neville etc. for some tips on how to structure your rants

  13. The courts have generally distinguished between religious sites/activities (kosel, mikvah, etc versus other public facility (parks, auditoriums, etc) useage when addressing these types of gender “discrimination” claims. i am unaware of any bright line legal standard on how they adjudiate these claims and seem to decide them on a case-by-case basis.