Chareidi Protesters Decry Zionist IDF Oppression To UN Official In Jerusalem


Some 500 charedim participated in protests against conscription into the IDF on Tuesday that brought them to the gates of the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in Jerusalem. The group handed a report to representatives of the UN detailing instances in which, according to the protesters, Israel broke the law in how they treat the Chareidim.

Over the course of the procession which took place as part of the protest, members of the Charedi community who consider themselves part of the “Old Yishuv” of Yerushalayim walked in cages meant to symbolize that they were in a prison.

When they arrived at the UN Humanitarian building in the city, they were met by one  official who was waiting outside for them, who took the letter and promised that he would pass it on to his superiors.

The protesters carried signs in English that called for the cessation of “the cruel oppression of the Chareidi minority by forceful conscription into the Zionist army, which according to our holy Torah we have to die rather than serve.”

After they presented the letter, the majority of the protesters disbursed. A few younger members stayed to continue the protest and closed Highway 1 near Shivtei Yisrael Street. They attempted to prevent the passage of the light rail, something which brought them into clashes with the police.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The ingredients of this protest are: Chilul Hashem, lack of seichel, Sinas Yisrael and this will c”v lead to Shfichas Damim!
    Do these people have any real LEADERS? Do the leaders have any seichel?
    Is there ANYONE that can talk to them?

  2. Creeps who purposely mis-interpret the law! They can get a simple deferment when they learn in yeshiva but prefer to not follow the state law.

    How have yeshivas managed to produce such idiots?