Beit Shemesh Municipality Removes Kupot Tzedaka from Shopping Centers [VIDEO]


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The Beit Shemesh municipality on Wednesday morning began removing tzedaka boxes from the city’s commercial centers. In the accompanying video, we see the removal of tzedaka boxes from an area in RBS Aleph.

This includes the large self-standing boxes as well as the smaller ones, which are usually welded to fences, bus stops and other objects.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo & Video Credit: Beit Shemesh News)


  1. Are these tzedakah boxes in general legal? Also, does anyone know if they’re mostly legit? Like, what stops me from putting one up myself? or can I put one up for my shul?

  2. Kol HaKavod!! These people think that because they call themselves Charedim, they can do what they want. These people set up a Shul and the Municipality, of course removed it! These people went to Harav Shlomo Zalmen Aurbach זצ״ל, asking what to do about this issue! The Rav answered, Is it permissible to make a Mitzavh of putting up a Shul on stolen property ??? This הפקר behavior in the name of Mitzvos or Torah has to stop !!! They call themselves Charedi, but would a REAL Charedi do such a thing ????

  3. The Gedolei HaDor teach us that using the internet is one of the severest issurim there are. If there any issur involved in removing private property placed ion public land without consent?

  4. the companies that make the ‘tzaddakah’ boxes, and they are the size of MAILBOXES, do not have any permission to do what they do. Often they are not serviced properly and some are just phooney tzaddak groups who use the ‘puskes’ to make money for themselves and their families. (dont ask!)

    I wish that the city of Jerusalem where I live would fine those who WELD their pushkes onto private and public rails and walls without permission from owners or the city.

  5. Ah Mechayah, the boxes were just plunked down without permission, trust me you cant go 2 feet in a frum city in EY without getting hit up by someone collecting,, so no loss to the organization and a gain for the city for getting rid of them, now lets see what is the next city to have the guts to do this.

  6. Busha veCherpa to any yarmalka wearing Jew who thinks it is ok to dump, weld, and drill tzedaka boxes up tp the size of a mail box in public areas with no concern for public safety or aesthetics. Judaism has been hijacked by a crum dark side of humanity that perverts bad as good and vis versa.
    Blessing to the mayor for acting on behalf of the truely Torah observant members of our city.

  7. It’s Elul. We should give more tsedaka. And taking public property for a tsedaka is not legal. The city has every right to do this. And based on what I have heard about the new team at the Iriyah, I wouldn’t be shocked if they actually contacted the tsedakos to make sure they collected their property.

    These are by and large very good people trying to serve a large and diverse city. The newly fixed up shopping center in Ramat A looks great. Hoping this is part of an effort to keep it looking nice.

  8. They should also go after the mindless yidden who actually installed these oversized, ugly-look pushkas in public spaces without authorization and bill them for the removal costs. As others noted, its bad enough that you are literally assaulted by shneurers every block you walk in certain neighborhoods. This visual blight and vandalism to public property is a step too far.