Cabinet Authorizes Draft of Bnei Yeshivos


idffIn an overwhelming vote of approval, the cabinet on Sunday, 21 Menachem Av 5773 approved the Peri Committee’s plan to draft bnei yeshivos. This represents another stamp of approval as the bill makes its way into the law books. The coalition is working at a brisk pace to complete the process prior to the summer recess.

Some of the main points include:

Perhaps the main point is that the bill sets goals for the drafting of chareidim. By the 2016-2017 draft, 5,200 bnei yeshivos will be called for service, explaining this number is commensurate with the number drafted in other communities in the nation. It represents 70% of the eligible draft in the chareidi community.

The plan entails developing a system that will ‘encourage’ compliance with the law, primarily by using state funding for mosdos as an impetus for yeshivos to make certain talmidim who have to report for service do so. An emphasis is going to be placed on monitoring; including compulsory reports from yeshiva directors and increasingly frequent visits to yeshivos by inspectors verifying that bnei Torah are indeed learning as they should. A unit will be overseeing the compliance and this will manifest itself in the ways mentioned along with other measures towards apprehending offenders.

Segregated induction centers will be established to accommodate chareidim entering the IDF or national service so they inductees are not compelled to mingle with the unisex induction base used today.

A new entity to address the national service aspect of the drafting of chareidim will be established with a goal of 6,000 by 2017.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Will לבן הרשע (Lapid/Bennett/Natanyahu Reshaim) still be around in 2016? Doubt they’ll even be around for much longer in 2013. A bit of extra prayers can take of things well…

    “Segregated induction centers will be established to accommodate chareidim entering the IDF” “tzaddikim” gemurim! Just like Esav Harasha.

  2. The real question is what they do with those who simply say “no.” Regardless of what incentives are offered, and what accomodations are made, one can expect at least 10% (e.g. the supporters of the Eidah Hareidis)of the hareidi population to refuse. A sizeable chunk of the hareidi community will follow since they don’t want to seem “less frum” than those who are refusing (even including many who prefer a zionist state to a Arab one).

    Remember that most of those who believe that the IDF is responsible for defending the Jewish people have already been joining the army. The pool of those they want to draft is heavily weighted towards those who oppose zionism on halachic grounds, which means by most international standards they would be considered conscientious objectors. Whether they deal with those refusing (open resistance, not draft evasion) military service by allowing conscientious objection, or insist on penal sanctions (e.g. prision, property confiscations, expulsions, etc.) will determine how matters develop.

  3. Who in the world are the Communists Zionists who came to Israel after the Holocaust about 70 years ago to force upon them their Cantonist laws? All charedim must unite to throw the samech-mem out of Israel. Who made them rulers anyhow? Just because they grabbed the chair doesn’t give them the right to rule over people who have been living here hundreds of years learning torah and keeping mitzvot. Haven’t the Zionists done enough damage with the Yemenite and Sephardic children?

    If these Sitra Achra believe for 1 moment that charedim will give up Yeshiva to protect territory that so-called Religious Zionists, headed by Bennett Harasha, decided must be fought for, they belong in a mental asylum not in a government.

    Boy were Rabbi Shalom Cohen shlit”a and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef shlit”a right with their views on “Religious Zionists”. Even Lapid with their opinion.

  4. If it’s “sharing the burden” equally, what about the 50% chiloni draft dodgers? No answer.

    And what about Israeli Arabs who are getting government funds? Again, no answer.

    Obviously, it has NOTHING to do with equal burden when they know quite well that charedim are sharing the greater part of the burden with their learning Torah and THE ONLY ONES fulfilling mitzvot according to Torah and everything to do with “sharing the burden” of Gehenom equally. Why should they suffer in Gehenom alone? They might as well take some charedim along.

  5. #1 & #2- Why do you both have NO derech eretz for your gedolim who clearly stated at the great asifah that the internet is assur???

    When do you ever have time to learn any of the Torah that you constantly preach about, if you are commenting on this site ALL day?

  6. #5 Some have to represent charedim who do not have internet in order to express charedi views for the many on YWN who are weak in their ruchniut r”l and modernized their yiddishkeit.

  7. #1 and #2: Yasher Koach for speaking up saying what we all think.

    #5: The Asifa said internet is muttar with a filter. We know you kofrim would like free reign here to spread your hefkeirus and haskala, but no can do.

  8. #7- Of course, everything you write is l’shaim shomayim. How noble of you (and akuperma)to give up your time learning to do this for Am Yisrael!

    #8- Internet allowed FOR WORK PURPOSES ONLY and then with a filter. Yes, I want free reign to spread hefkeirus, so please log off.