Minister Smotrich Working to Resolve Beit Shemesh’s Public Transportation Issues


Beit Shemesh Councilman (Ichud Leumi) Yisrael Mendelson turned to his friend Minister of Transportation Betzalel Smotrich, calling upon him to address the dire situation regarding public transportation in the Ramat Avraham neighborhood of the city.

According to a Beit Shemesh News report, the minister has done a great deal, working hard to improve transportation in the city, as he has undertaken to solve many of the issues faced by residents, particularly in the Ramat Avraham neighborhood.

As a result, the minister has instructed officials in his office to see to it that the number 12 line operates as it did in the past to the benefit of the neighborhood’s residents. In addition, the minister decided to meet with the councilmen in the city towards advancing the city’s transportation needs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)