LAWSUIT: Jerusalem Chevra Kadisha Forgot Bring To American Nifteres To Levaya On Time


The family of a resident of the United States who requested to be buried in Jerusalem, is now suing the Jerusalem Chevra Kadisha for NIS 250,000 because despite the agreement with them that the levaya would take place at 10:00AM, the body only arrived at 3:00PM.

The participants in the levaya arrived on time, hundreds gathered to pay their last respects to the nifteres, a resident of the US, who was brought to Eretz Yisrael for kvura by family members, MyNet reports. They were painfully shocked when the body did not arrive for the levaya at the prearranged time. This week, the family filed the lawsuit against the Jerusalem’s ‘דכוללות החסידים’ chevra kadisha in the amount of NIS 250,000.

The scenario, which is difficult to imagine at best, occurred about two months ago after the nifteres’ body was flown to Israel as she was to be interred in Har HaZeisim by the chevra kadisha.

The lawsuit states that the chevra kadisha agreed to conduct the levaya at the specific time, 10:00AM. Family members put the word out and many arrived to pay their last respects, as a notice was even published in the chareidi media. For reasons that are not clear, the chevra kadisha only arrived with the body at 3:00PM, five hours later.

The chevra kadisha preferred not to respond.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. @BaltimoreMaven – that is incorrect. נפטרה means to pass away. נפטרת is the female form of נפטרץ You can look it up online.

  2. T Baltimore Maven:
    Wrong! Actually, it should be Nifteres (the Deceased) feminine version of the Niftar (the Deceased), a noun. Niftera is a verb, meaning: she died.

  3. @BaltimoreMaven
    נפטרה is the past tense singular feminine form.
    נפטרת is a feminine noun. Therefore this is the correct term for a woman who has passed away.

  4. Very sad that family and friends were forced to wait around for several hours for the levayah at a time of stress. however considering the thousands of niftorim and levayahs that this Chevrah Kaidish has to manage every year, its almost inevitable that there will be a small number of episodes where schedules and expectations were not met and information was not communicated on a timely basis. Litigation seeking damages in a secular court seems to be dishonoring the niftarah.

  5. Baltimore Maven: I think you’ve hit upon the reason the levaya was delayed.
    It was not because the Chevra Kadisha forgot (as the YWN headline suggests),
    It was not because of other unforseen circumstances (as Gadolhadorah suggests),
    It was simply because members of the Chevra Kadisha could not agree on the correct word to refer to the deceased person.