Most Tiveria Residents are Not Pleased with Anti-Chareidi Mayor Ron Kobi’s Performance


It has been about a year since the municipal elections and in Tiveria, and most of the city’s residents are not pleased with the performance of vehemently anti-chareidi mayor, Ron Kobi.

Kobi has failed numerous times to pass the city’s budget as the chareidi and religious parties continue to oppose him from the seats of the opposition.

A local Tiveria newspaper, ‘קורה בכנרת’, released a survey after polling 2,207 residents, of which 1,400 (64%) responded they are not satisfied with the mayor’s performance while only 807 (36%) express satisfaction.

Truth be said, the number of dissatisfied residents would be even higher if the voice of the chareidi tzibur was included in the poll, which was not the case.

The city is now dependent on the Interior Ministry appointing a committee to oversee the running of the city.

511 persons were polled and 69% favor the appointment of a committee to run the city while 31% are opposed, as they still believe in the mayor.

The decision regarding the committee will be made this coming Sunday, November 17, 2019, by Israel’s High Court of Justice.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)