Deri Decides to Distance Himself with Matters Pertaining to Tiveria Mayor Kobi


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Interior Minister Aryeh Deri is responsible for dealing with Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi, who repeatedly failed to pass a city budget. Kobi has been a frequent visitor to the High Court of Justice, trying to use the nation’s highest court to circumvent the ministry’s decision to place an overseeing body in his place until such time elections are held again.

Kobi is going to receive a hearing from the ministry before a final decision is made. Deri has decided to permit senior members of the ministry’s professional staff deal with Kobi and the hearing, opting to distance himself from matters dealing with Kobi, who accuses Deri and his chareidi agenda for many of his woes.

Deri announced on Sunday that he will not decide Kobi’s fate, if permitted to continue in office or to oust him and replace him. Deri has decided to leave the decision to his subordinates and avoid any decision regarding the mayor’s future.

The High Court announced that it does not agree with Kobi, who accuses Deri of a conflict of interests by participating in the decision-making process which decides Kobi’s future. Deri explains his decision is to avoid giving Kobi the ability to shout, ‘foul ball’, and by removing himself from the process, he will ultimately benefit of the residents of Tiveria.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)