TERROR PLOT BUST: Two ISIS Terrorists Apprehended in Jerusalem


Israel Police released footage on Wednesday of the arrests of two residents of the southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jebl Mukaber who were indicted on terrorism charges in a Jerusalem court on Sunday after they allegedly planned terrorist attacks on military and civilian targets on behalf of ISIS in Jerusalem on Independence Day.

Taken into custody were Ahmed Jabis, 21, and Basel Abidas, 19, both facing charges of being members of a terrorist organization and related charges.

On October 28, 2019, border police undercover tactical units entered two structures in Jabil Mukaber in Jerusalem – an Arab neighborhood bordering Armon HaNatziv. They entered in the framework of a well-planned operation, leading to the arrests of the ISIS terrorists.

The indictment reads the two worked on behalf of ISIS, both together and independent of one another. Efforts included discussion in September 2019 regarding the planning of murderous terrorist attacks in different venues in Jerusalem or an IDF base in the Jordan Valley area with the goal of murdering as many Jews as possible.

They also discussed purchasing weapons to carry out attacks in the Kikar Safra (Jerusalem City Hall) area or Sultan Pools; on Independence Day – once again, to murder as many people as possible. In the event they are unable to acquire weapons, they discussed a possible stabbing attack.

They two also visited internet sites providing information on military tactics, as well as religious and political websites affiliated with ISIS.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesman Unit)