Degel Appointments in Jerusalem Municipality Approved


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After a prolonged period of time during which a decision was not announced, Degel Hatorah appointments were made; including the head of Chareidi Education in Jerusalem and the head of the Chareidi Cultural Division in the capital as well.

The Jerusalem Professional Committee convened last week, and the decisions were made regarding the new appointments in light of struggle during recent months by Degel Hatorah to secure the appointments.

On Sunday morning, it was decided that Shmulik Greenberg would be appointed director of chareidi education in the city and Pinchas Ehrlich director of the Chareidi Culture Division.

These appointments are viewed as being ‘professional’, and therefore, addressed by the Jerusalem Professional Committee. In line with coalition agreements, the positions were to be given to Degel Hatorah officials.

Pinchas Ehrlich is close to the Chairman of Degel Hatorah and Chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee; MK Moshe Gafne. He has considerable experience pertaining to cultural events in educational institutions as he held administrative positions, as well as in technological high schools, particularly schools for youths with difficulties, working in these capacities for over a decade.

Shmuel Greenberg served as a deputy Beit Shemesh Mayor for a decade was also the head of the Beit Shemesh Community Centers Board of Directors. Prior to that, he served as parliamentary advisor to Moshe Gafne. Greenberg holds a master’s degree in public policy and a bachelor’s degree in law and education.

Greenberg won two senior positions in the past two months, first in the Ministry of Transport as a transportation consultant for the chareidi sector after Shlomo Rosenstein was removed from the post and now as head of chareidi education in Jerusalem. He is expected to leave his other political jobs as he assumes his new role in Jerusalem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)