SHOCK: Boyan Beis Medrash in Modi’in Illit Ransacked, Sifrei Torah Scorched, Silver Ornaments Stolen


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Vandals broke into the Boyan Beis Medrash overnight on Monday in Modi’in Illit and ransacked the site, causing extensive damage, including scorching two Sifrei Torah.

The men who arrived in the early hours of the morning to the beis medrash were shocked to discover that the Aron Kodesh was breached and two of the Sifrei Torah were scorched. Some of the Sifrei Torah’s silver ornaments had been stolen as well as all of the shul’s security cameras, which had been installed only recently. Traces of bleach and lighting fuel were found at the scene.

A police source told Chareidim 10: “There was a burglary attempt, apparently with a tool that caused sparks and fire but there was no intentional act of arson.”

The men who discovered the shocking scene called the police who immediately arrived at the beis medrash and opened an investigation.

“On Monday morning, a report was received by the police on a break-in to a shul in the city of Modi’in Illit,” Israel Police stated. ” According to the report, damage was caused to the Sifrei Torah, to the shul, and silver ornaments were stolen. Police forces and forensic investigators arrived at the scene and began gathering evidence and an investigation was opened.”

Deputy Minister Meir Porush said: “A despicable act has been carried out in Israel. It’s shocking and painful to see the Aron Kodesh deliberately set on fire. I’m in contact with District Commander Moshe Barkat who is on the scene in order to speed up the investigation and find the criminals who committed this abominable act.”

The vandalism is believed to have been a criminal act rather than nationalistic.