Are you looking for the right yeshiva for your son?


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The Yeshiva of Rochester is the Yeshiva for a serious Ben Torah that is looking to learn out of town. In the Yeshiva you will find a tight-knit atmosphere, a genuine, straight forward attitude, a down to earth approach to life and, of course, fantastic Rebbeim. In my years in Bais Medrash, my chevra and I all felt that we would follow the Rosh Hayeshiva, Rabbi Davidowitz anywhere in order to hear his shiur.

In the four years that I have worked as the Assistant Menahel of the Yeshiva, I have spoken with many Alumni, friends of the Yeshiva and Mechanchim. I have found that many of them share the same sentiment. “I love the Yeshiva and it has done great work, but does that mean that it will be as beneficial for my son?”

I would like to answer that question with a resounding, yes! Let me explain. I believe that there are three primary factors that contribute to a talmid’s success. Firstly, his chevra, secondly, a secure, structured atmosphere of accountability and thirdly, a healthy and balanced daily schedule. In the Yeshiva of Rochester, Baruch Hashem, we do these three things very well.

Let me elaborate. The chevra in the Yeshiva is currently composed of fifty percent Rochester locals and fifty percent “out of towners” This increase in local attendance is primarily due to the founding of our outstanding elementary school branch, Derech HaTorah. The caliber of our Derech HaTorah students is on par with the best Yeshivos Ketanos in the country. Every year, I take our local eighth graders and mesivta students on as many as six recruiting Shabbosim. By spending Shabbos with everyone together I
am able to see if the local boys and the out of town boys are on the same wavelength. With this approach, we are able to hand pick new students that are serious about their studies and, at the same time, a good match for our student body. Baruch Hashem, this recruiting approach has been a recipe for success.

The culture in the Yeshiva is one of structure and accountability. Every student’s attendance, academics and general growth are carefully followed and reinforced. The Hanhala and the General Studies staff work tirelessly together on ensuring the success and happiness of each talmid.This fosters an atmosphere of growth and satisfaction for our talmidim.

The Yeshiva’s daily schedule has been meticulously crafted to fit the needs of a serious Ben Torah in today’s day and age. It is unique in its balanced approach. If the schedule is too loose or too rigorous it can be a turn-off. I have received very positive feedback from many mechanchim and parents regarding the healthy balance of our schedule and it’s uniqueness.

Given these factors, the current state of the Yeshiva is outstanding. The boys are serious about their learning, davening and Yiddishkeit. They are serious about their studies and their grades. Above all, they are happy! I understand that it may be hard to take an administrator’s word for it, but, please reach out to us so that we can put you in touch with parents who currently have sons in the yeshiva, we are confident that they will echo these sentiments.

In conclusion, the Yeshiva of Rochester is a great option for anyone who is currently looking into Yeshivos for their son. If your son is a serious boy who is looking to go out of town, the Yeshiva of Rochester is the place to be. We have an exemplary group of young Bnei Torah (many of which are second generation talmidim) and a tight-knit, genuine, down to earth, happy, Torah atmosphere. I encourage discerning parents to contact us and arrange to come up for a visit and check out the yeshiva for themselves.