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Chareidi Retaliatory Initiative Against Dati Leumi Tzibur

esAn initiative is underway by chareidim on the internet calling to boycott dati leumi merchants selling 4 minim and sukkas for the yomtov. Under the banner “זכור את אשר עשה לך הבית היהודי” those behind the plan feel it is appropriate to strike back where it hurts, aware many dati leumi families earn a livelihood selling Sukkos items.

Some of the postings question “are you planning to give a livelihood to those affiliated with a party that hates you? Will you give a livelihood to one who wishes to compel you to serve in the IDF? Will you give parnasa to one trying to starve you and your children?”

The notice seems to be going viral from one community list to another, obviously an effort to strike out against the dati leumi tzibur for the actions of the Bayit Yehudi party.

On the other side of the coin a number of WhatsApp groups are discussing the matter, questioning how one has the right to jeopardize the livelihood of another Jew, especially religious Jews – asking how one can hold them responsible for the actions of a political party.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

33 Responses

  1. This is given coverage here? Something less than a handful of anonymous juvenile delinquents rabble about on some internet forums? Something that no one knows of let alone takes seriously?

  2. The Dati Leumi (and the hilonim) had such a low view of Hareidim that they didn’t realize there would be any consquences when they declared war. One needs to remember that the “war” will end tomorrow if Bayit Yehudi informs the primie minister that they are willing to enter into a coalition with Likud and Bayit Yehudi, and it would take a simple act of the knesset to either end conscription or allow conscientious objection status.

  3. This is a very danerous game. There are more charedi sellers of judaica, food items, jewelry than dati leumi sellers of succot. This boycot would hurt the charedi community more if the dati leumi community retaliated.

  4. I am an elderly chareidi dati leumi woman and I did not vote for Bayit Yehudi. All of my family are the same and we all live in a settlement and yet NONE of us voted for Bayit Yehudi.

    Reading this sickens me. Revenge against an entire segment of society – doing unto others what is hateful to you. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves – everyone who thinks this way.

    If it turns my stomach, how must it feel to HKB”H!

  5. Dont get caught up by the “Kosher mafia”. Do your thing buy the best product that you can find (supply and demand). Dont let some take more control of the market making less supply thus driving up costs thus better profits for themselves. These are RESHAIM who use the Torah for their own purposes. According to our Hachamim in Pirki Avot they loose their share to the world to come.

  6. What a middah knagad middah!!!!

    Should the DL kehilla stop shopping in Geula/Meah Shearim because of their votes for the Gush Katif explusion? I guess none of this will end till the coming of Mashiach ben Yosef in front of Machiash ben Dovid.

  7. Of course we shouldn’t color a whole community with one brush. Just like Charedim should not be brushed as Traitors because a few show support to Iran or stone Charedi soldiers. On the other hand instead of stupidly boycotting fellow shomrei mitsvos, make sure to appeal to them to contact their Knesset reps to change their positions.

  8. I don’t think its fair as this would be capital punishment, but like everything.
    1. Its prob a competition cashing in on the crisis.
    2. Yes the best messages are when u hit some1 were it hurts.
    3. We gonna end up seeing vs boycott like boycott frum stores this gonna get very dirty.

  9. Great idea! I think the next time a meshulach comes to the Five Towns, Teaneck, or any other non-Charedi place, they should be shown the door.
    After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  10. Oh yes! Nekama is always the way to respond to messages from Shamayim to do Teshuvah. How odd that there is no Rabbinic backing to this anti-Jewish sentiment!

  11. Disgusting.
    Only in Israel.
    It’s not that we all get along and live in perfect harmony in chutz la’aretz, but our brethren in Artzenu HaKedosha take divisiveness between chugim to unprecedented levels of meanness, pettiness, rudeness, violence and indifference to the dinim of behaviour bein adam l’chaveiro.

  12. These people are beneath contempt. To those who began this online campaign (and those who support it), you have caused me to hate you. I have never felt hatred towards another Yid. I’m sorry but this has pushed me over the edge.

  13. Whose psak is this? Why isn’t this nekama?

    How about boycotting arab lulavim since they are definitely our enemies?

    I would like to believe like #2 says that this is the thoughts of a handful of silly people and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  14. It’s not relevant whether it’s an official boycott or a bunch of empty neanderthals are doing it. What IS significant is that a Jew has been taught to write,
    “זכור את אשר עשה לך הבית היהודי
    a not so subtle reference to you know what.
    It’s chodesh Elul and I already see the usual suspects, i.e.: poisoned hate filled “frum” posters approving this.
    But I guarantee the rest of you, that they’ll be very machmir when it comes to eating Rosh Keves, and won’t even drink a cup of coffee before shofar blowing on Rosh Hashana. How sad.

  15. Not that this rag notice would’ve made a difference, but now I have stronger motivation to buy ONLY Dati Leumi. Thanks boyzzzz.

  16. I’m in the same position as #5 and agree completely. The Dati communities have carrying the burden for the Chareidim in so many ways, for example: serving in the IDF, the financial burden, etc.

    There was never a sense of animosity by Datiim for it and there was never a sense of Hakoras HaTov from the Chareidim to the Datiim. Now, people are getting disgusted with Chareidi actions and demands.

    If Chareidim do organize a boycott, there will be a backlash and they will suffer the most.

  17. One other point. There is a budget shortfall and everyone is being asked to share in that necessary cut, including the IDF, which is risky and dangerous for all of us. Why shouldn’t Chraeidim be asked to share in that burden? Are they immune from any responsibility?

  18. “I wonder if these boycott wannabees even asked their Posek if this is muttar.”

    IDK, did bayit Yehudi ask the poskim if it was mutar to draft yeshiva bochurim?

  19. I agree with Reb Golfer.What a sad state of affairs. The contempt these groups in E”Y have for each other is rivaled only by the shiites and sunnies.

  20. ב​יום בו אנו שומעים על הקיצוצים בפועל בתקציבי הישיבות והכוללים,

    בקצבאות הילדים ובכל מה שקשור לחרדים,

    יוזמה עצמית של קבוצת צעירים חרדים נמרצים מכה גלים ברחבי הארץ.

    העוצמה הכלכלית וכוח הקנייה של הציבור החרדי אינו מוטל בספק.

    אנו, במשרד יחסי ציבור קטן בדרום הארץ,

    לקחנו על עצמינו לסייע למיזם, בהתנדבות.

    שוחחנו עם ראשי המיזם, צעירים שעשו כמה וכמה שקלים לביתם,

    הם נשמעים רציניים יותר מתמיד.

    “הם ירגישו אותנו טוב בכיס” הם אומרים.

    וממחשבה למעשה:

    מחאה בכיס. חרדים קונים רק אצל חרדים.

    “נפיץ לאלפי מיילים. נרביץ מסרים. נוציא חוברות הסברה.

    נשיג מימון לפרסום בעיתונים ובשילוט חוצות ברבי הערים החרדיות.

    נחתים רבנים. נמלא עצומות “.

    חרדים קונים רק אצל חרדים. נקודה.

    חברה שתעסיק יותר חרדים, תזכה לנקודות זכות.

    הציבור החרדי כולו יהיה עשיר מהסיפור הזה.

    חרדים למען חרדים.

    חרדים מפרנסים – חרדים מתפרנסים.

    העבירו הודעה ובקשה זו לכל אנשי הקשר שלכם,

    היו שותפים ל”חרדים מפרנסים חרדים”.

  21. #27- In a word: ‘Yes’. All D”L rabbis hold that it is pashut that service in the IDF is ‘להציל ישראל מיד צר’ which is a chiyuv deoraita on all Jews. It is their united opinion that there is no exemption for lomdei torah from this chiyuv which is why they all, lomdei torah included, serve in the IDF.

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