HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF! French President Yells At Israeli Police In English Like Jacques Chirac Did 23 Years Ago [VIDEOS]


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French President Emmanuel Macron angrily shouted at Israeli police while visiting the Church of Saint Anne on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Old City, which is French territory. It is not clear why he became angry with the Israeli security officials.

Although there is no confirmation what caused his outburst, it is possible that the Church is reportedly French territory where Israeli police do not have jurisdiction.

In 1996, French President Jacques Chirac grabbed an Israeli plainclothes security officer in the Old City of Jerusalem and shouted: “I’m starting to be fed up with this. What do you want? Do you want me to go back to my plane and go back to France? This is a provocation. It must stop.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So this piece of dirt doesn’t want Jews in France nor does he want them at home in Israel. Let’s all boycott anything French made: include French toast, French fries and French’s mustard to add to the list for an added bonus!
    He’ll know Ze Rules After Zis Tritmint!

  2. Time to end this nonsense of France having an extraterritorial church in Israel!
    Firstly, France is a secular republic. Laïcity is one of the principal pillars of the French Constitution.
    Secondly, Napoleon III, that inept and disastrous usurping emporer, used French claimed or pretended rights of protection and extraterritoriality in such a ridiculous way that it led to the Crimean War.

  3. According to Bechadrei Chareidim this church is the headoffice of a French branch of de BDS movement. No wonder he didn’t want the Israeli police snooping around there

  4. The status of the French “national domains” in Jerusalem is not clear. France claims them, but Israel has never officially recognized that claim. The so-called “Fischer-Chauvel agreement” did so, but Israel never ratified it, precisely because it didn’t want to make that concession.

  5. Chash, the rule was that since (according to France) the church is French territory, just like a consulate, therefore Israeli police are not allowed to set foot there. Since (according to Israel) it is Israeli territory, the police go there as they do everywhere else.

  6. “americaisover”, what has Mecca got to do with it? Even if you could make an argument for not allowing Sunni mosques until there are shuls in Mecca, how does that help you get rid of churches? Or even Shi’ite mosques? Or even Sunni mosques that are not under the Saudi government’s control (i.e. almost all of them)?

    Or are you arguing that the Saudis are right?! That Mecca is right not to allow non-Moslems, and that we should hold that up as the right and proper way to behave?!

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  8. Milhouse sets out the position very clearly. It should have been obvious to the Israeli security forces that having uniformed Israeli security forces inside what it is well known the French consider their national territory, was likely to cause a diplomatic riot. The Israelis should have offered the Fench a deal in writing, either we will not enter the church at your specific request and you accept full responsibility for your President’s security or we will, with your agreement, guard him inside the church. In either case, the document could have been worded to neither admit or forgo French sovereignty. Sometimes diplomats work better than soldiers and policemen.

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  10. Since this has happened once before with a French president, the plans should have included what to do regarding accompanying Macron on this visit. So much logistics went into coordinating thus event, why was thus possible scenario not anticipated? Let him be protected by French police in the church. And if his Arab buddies prove their duplicity by bumping him off, zat iz too bad Merci beaucoup.

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