WATCH: Video Of South Koreans Praying With Chareidim At Me’aras Hamachpeila Causes Panic


A video that circulated on social media on Motzei Shabbos showing South Koreans praying together with religious Jews at Me’aras Hamachpeila in Chevron caused alarm to Israelis who have been at the site this month.

However, it was subsequently discovered that the South Koreans in the video were not part of the tour group that included members who were subsequently diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The Koreans and the Jews were praying together for coronavirus victims.

The authority which manages the Mea’aras Hamachpeila stated that members of the South Korean tour group that returned home and were diagnosed with the coronavirus were in the Jewish area of Me’aras Hamachpeila for 15 minutes and in the Muslim area for 30 minutes.

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The authority instructed Israelis who were at Me’aras Hamachpeila at the same time to follow Health Ministry guidelines for those in contact with coronavirus patients.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)