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Israel: Vehicle Strikes Camel – 1 Dead

mda1.jpgA man in his 30s was killed after his vehicle traveling on Route 40 near Ramat Chovav struck a Camel. An emergency medical service team pronounced him dead on the scene.

ZAKA volunteer Yehuda Lorver explained that the vehicle hit the camel at a high speed and the driver was killed instantaneously, adding the vehicle was totaled.

Officials report that the camel was not marked as required by law, to prevent such tragedies on the area roads, and the camel too was killed as a result of the impact of the vehicle, most likely because the driver did not see the animal in time, if at all.

A number of weeks ago, police, environmental inspectors and local authorities apprehended six camels permitted to graze on their own, found in a local military shooting range. Actions are being taken against the owner(s).

Less than a year ago, the deputy director of MDA in the Negev, Shlomo Amar, was killed by a camel on the Beersheva-Arad Road. Authorities stress they are working to compel camel owners to keep their animals restrained and away from vehicular routes to prevent tragedies.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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