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PREPARE FOR FULL LOCKDOWN: Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan Tells Israel Police To Prepare

Public Security Minister instructed senior police and emergency officials on Tuesday to prepare to place Israel in full lockdown, a decision that is likely to ensue in the coming days.

Erdan requested that domestic security and police officials urgently present him with a detailed plan for the actualization of a decision to place the entire state of Israel in full lockdown, during which only essential workers would be able to leave their homes for work purposes and other citizens only allowed to leave home to procure basic supplies or medical treatment.

If Israel is placed in lockdown, Israel Police would be responsible for enforcing the lockdown and the Home Front Command would supply citizens in need with basic supplies.

Erdan added that the decision to put Israel in full lockdown is a very difficult decision but is inevitable in the current situation and that it’s preferable to adopt difficult steps for a short time in order to transverse the crisis in the shortest time possible and prevent deaths.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. While 90% of the frum Tzibur is taking all needed precautions, there seems to be a hard core of fringe elements of the tazibur who mindlessly follow stupid guidance from their leadership and expose themselves and others to risk. It shouldn’t take a call from the White House to shut down yeshivas and modos when just about every element of the public health sector and government has said to do so immediately.

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