As Israel’s Fatalities Soar to 5 With 2,170 Ill, Israel Approves Harsher Restrictions on Citizens

Funeral for coronavirus victim/Credit: Yonatan Zindel
Funeral for coronavirus victim/Credit: Yonatan Zindel

Following a six-hour teleconference meeting of Israeli government officials on Tuesday night to deliberate placing further restrictions on Israeli citizens to stem the rising number of cases of the coronavirus in Israel, new restrictions were approved in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The new restrictions, which will go into effect on Wednesday at 5 p.m., will allow Israelis to leave their homes only for essential purposes and even short walks will be restricted to 100 meters of their homes. Public transportation will be drastically decreased but will not be completely suspended as was discussed as an option. Only two people can travel in a car at one time for essential purposes and taxis may only carry one passenger at a time.

All shuls must be closed. Tefillos can be conducted in an open area as long as only up to ten participants are present and a distance of two meters is maintained between participant.

Weddings, levayos and brisos can also be held with up to ten participants. All men’s mikvaos are closed. Women’s mikvaos will remain open for now, and appointments must be arranged beforehand.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and banks will remain open. Non-essential businesses may not be operated, including in private homes, apart from stores selling food and/or hygeine products, pharmacies, optical stores, media outlets and stores selling electrical products or medical supplies. The stores that are permitted to remain open must ensure that customers wait in line two meters apart from each other by marking the spaces and no more than four clients at a time can wait by a cash registrar.

Divorced parents will be allowed to leave their homes to bring their children to the home of the other parent.

Another regulation requires all essential workplaces to test the temperature of their workers prior to entering the workplace.

Also, the prime minister’s office stated on Wednesday night that online schooling, which was canceled almost a week ago due to a dispute over teachers’ salaries, would resume this week.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Not all banks are open. And even those that are it’s not possible to do all your banking needs.

    For example Bank Discount only one branch is open in Jerusalem and only the cashier. No other services.