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Watch: Kan News Features Chareidi “Coronavirus Hotels”

In light of the high rate of confirmed coronavirus cases in Chareidi communities in Israel and the difficulties that large families in small apartments have in self-quarantining, the Israeli government and the IDF organized three special “coronavirus hotels” for Chareidi patients in the north – the Kinor, Lavie and Ner Etzion.

The hotel is managed by Home Front Command soldiers and hotel staff who stay in the green zone, where no one with the virus is allowed, and yellow zones, where the coronavirus patients sleep, eat and spend time.

According to the report, both the staff and the Chareidi guests in the hotel are satisfied with the arrangement. The problem is that there are not enough guests – many Bnei Brak residents refused to come to the hotel.

In the video, one of the staff members is heard speaking with a Bnei Brak resident who explains that the problem is that many Bnei Brak residents rely only on very specific hechsherim on Pesach and although they may rely on the hotel hechsher the rest of the year, they’re reluctant to rely on it on Pesach.

Many people also don’t want to be separated from their families on Pesach or have small children and have no one to take care of them.

Fortunately, and despite the widespread incitement in the media against Chareidim in recent days, the video conveys a very positive picture. At one point, one resident thanks a staff member, saying: “My husband and I really appreciate what you’ve done – you made sure we have everything we need.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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